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Selective prosecution by Museveni’s court martial – where are the Mushabes and Barigye????

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Museveni’s took of suppressing dissent, the, General Court Martial this week was in the papers over the prosecution and persecution of army officers. Among them is Cpl Tembo who was charged with failure to protect war materials because he was found in possession of 21 rounds of SMG ammunitions and 47 rounds of PK gun ammunitions.  Either, Cpl Tembo being a Mukonjo intended to take them to his people in Kasese but most likely they were for sale to Somali insurgents in Mogadishu – which remains a lucrative business by the UPDF.

Capt. Mukajanga and Lt. Kigundu were accused of robbing 25m shillings from Robert Migade of Romi Wine. Interestingly, the police witness who was at the scene of crime denies seeing the said money being robbed.

Lt. Augustine Moro and Pte Kenneth Kalokwera were convicted of charges related to security, whatever that means.  It is interesting to note that the two are alleged to have carried out an armed attack on the Ministry of Defence Headquarters at Mbuya barracks.  They were not charged with treason yet the aides of Gen. Ssejusa who were allegedly nabbed at the planning stage faced treason and were convicted.

One of their former co-accused, Ebong applied for amnesty and was pardoned yet the charges were not classified as of a political nature. To understand this, one needs to examine Lt. Moro’s defence that his involvement had been on a special assignment known by Gen. Saleh, CDF, Gen. Nalweyiso among others.

This defence was ignored by the court during the trial yet during John judgement it blamed Lt. Moro for having not called in the three Generals to testify in his defence. In the interest of justice, the Court Martial which is fused with prosecution also had a duty to summon the three Generals since Lt. Moro was under incarceration.

You will recall that some reliable sources suggested that the Mbuya attack had been stage managed to incriminate some Army Generals. For those old enough, remember how Otafiire, then head of ESO sent Col. Kawuma to Kenya to infiltrate a dissident armed group but was instead accused of treason and he died under incarceration in the early 1990s.

Good work by the General Court Martial but when shall we see the following home boys also being tried for heinous crimes against Ugandans?

Captain Godfrey Barigye, Cpl, Among Twino, and Sgt. Agaba of CMI who in November 2016 robbed 25 KGS of gold worth 3b shilling from a Congolese in Kampala.

Captain Nyakaringa of CMI who robbed 700m shillings from a Chinese businessman in Kireka.

Captain Peter Mushabe, Captain Jonas Mushabe, and Sgt Nayebare who robbed 528m shillings from an Indian businessman and another US $350,000 from a Chinese Construction company.

Gen Taban Amin and Brig. Mugyenyi who in September 2016 stole US $240,000 worth of gold from a Kenyan businessman.

What about Brig. Leo Kyanda and company of the most recent infamous multi billion arms deal scam involving foreigners. What about Wakandya and Richard Maana who swindled money from inflated land acquisition for Wazalendo SACCOS and Pension and Gratuity respectively?

We are yet to see these ones and a couple of other individuals who enjoy protection being prosecuted by the General Court Martial.  Could it be that they are being shielded because of the huge amount of money involved that is being used to buy land from impoverished Baganda?

This is the trend in Police where the likes of Kataratambi, Kato, Komurubuga and others who steal in billions are protected from prosecution.


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