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ROBOTS & AI: What a great time to live in this new “revolution”

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There is the argument that robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Automation will get rid of millions of jobs.  This happens to be a fact.

However, technology now allows us to do so much more than when we are slaving in front of computers, running to libraries, printing and faxing documents.

What is superb is the ease with which we can make use of technology with hardly paying anything.

Have you ever even thought of your friend on your smart phone “What is the weather for today Alexa”?  OR “Siri, please show me the route from my address now to the meeting at place X”.

AI / Robots / Automation frees us from menial tasks. Just let the machines take care of those things so that we can do real work that requires human interactions.

What I love about IT so far (apart from a job) is that day or night, I post breaking news on 8 social media platforms and Ugandans get the breaking news non stop without my involvement.  Would you not love IT for such things because even Uganda media cannot keep up with the rate at which my team posts news.  NITTO!! LIT LIKE NIKITO!


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