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PETS: Our dog Theodore Nangalama must now wear cloths

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Theodore wearing Natasha’s sweater
Theodore Nangalama

I used to watch people taking their dogs for walks and the dog would be wearing a shirt. I would think “there is a nut case. Why dress up a dog you horrible person?”

Now, I am not about to take Theodore for a walk. I just toss him outside to play on this massive property we own.

He is a bit old now. He is twelve years old and the winter makes his skin very dry. He has been scratching himself a lot. We came up witu a plan. To dress him. He does not like it at all but he has stopped scratching. Nope, he does not have fleas. Only dry skin.

I played a trick on my editor Rogers Atukunda one time. He called me at noon Uganda huffing and puffing like only he can do. “Leah, what is wrong with you? We have stories to run. It is mid day Leah, grab your laptop”.

It was 5am my time but I have given up teaching Roger how to subtract 7 from a given number. He is awful at Maths.

I replied “Boss, there has been a death in our family”.

Roger flies into panic. I love when I make him panic. The guy is too mellow for me.

“Leah, give me your sister’s number. I want to send mabugo. Mpozi who died?”.

Reply “Natasha’s fish died and we flashed it down the toilet”.

Roger was livid like only he can get pissed off.

“Leah you bitch! A fish? What is wrong with you?”

“Roger, my child loved her pet fish and she has been crying”.

To this day, when Roger calls me he starts with “How are you? Are you in your period? How is Tasha? How is Becky? How is Theodore? How is Pumpkin?”

Then goes “You are covering the Oscars tonight. I want to wake up with all the photos and videos. If you screw up, I will suspend your Admin account for Edge.Ug”.

Roger is one of the best journalists in Uganda. He is also a Slave Driver. He writes impeccable English. You eill never find Roger publishing a story without checling facts. Roger relies on me for my ICT skills andy ability to break stories.

I rely on Roger for his high accumen in teaching and mentoring. He is a gentle walking giant. He will polish me into a diamond.

In 2018 when I got my registration with the Canadian Association of Journalists, I wrote an emotional post for my Editor and thanked him for teaching me journalism. Now, I will do anything for him.

Roger taught me the gift of journalism.

Thank you Roger. FOREVER grateful

*** Animal rights advocate

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