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PETS: Dogs are not as intelligent as some of you claim

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Take an example. Our dog Theodore gets into a fight with a skunk.  We do the tomato juice to wash off the smell. Does not work by the way.  We take Theodore to Pet wash, shampoo him and clean him really nice.  He is smelling very wonderful now.

I take all my clothes to the Dry Cleaners to wash out the smell.  I hold a tough discussion with Theodore.  “You just cost me a lot of money.  Never ever get into a fight with a skunk or porcupine again because I am broke”.

You will not believe what he did today.  He got into a fight with a skunk.  We have this family skunk that only always returns in Autumn (Fall) and will hang around here till Spring. Think of a skunk like EFUMBE (or whatever we call that smelly animal at home in Uganda.  Certainly Efumbe / Effumbe).

Back to square zero.  Theodore smells like a skunk.  And one more trip with all my clothes back to the Dry Cleaner to clean out that smell and this dog will never be let out of the house again.

People who claim that dogs are intelligent have definitely never had a skunk in their backyard.



Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A child can write better than Ugandan graduates and professionals. Prove me wrong.
Here is a child writing about her dog.  Her story was published in Canada alongside many other children who also write well.  We did not edit it for her. Please think of grade as P.  So she was in P5 equivalent.
My Dog Theodore
One hot summer day not that long ago, my family and I went to the SPCA to get a dog. We hadn’t been there before, so we didn’t know what to expect.  All I knew was we didn’t want a small dog. I wanted a medium-sized dog.  My dad wanted a big dog, but I didn’t want a bid dog.  My dad and I were arguing the whole way there.

After what seemed to me was forever, we were in the SPCA parking lot.  As soon as I stepped outside the car, I covered my ears.  The dogs’ barking was thunderous.  My parents said for my sister and I to go up to the cages and see what dog we would like to bring home.

I examined every single dog.  In the end I only liked one dog and my sister liked two.  She liked a husky named Snowy.  I really didn’t like that dog, so my parents said no.  Turns out the other dog she had in mind was the same dog I wanted.  It was a Labrador / Shepherd mix.  I looked closer at his cage and saw his name was Theodore.  I absolutely loved his name.  It fit perfectly with his shiny brown coat and his big brown eyes.  He looked like a great friend and a little bit like a guard dog because of his vibrant red collar.  I suddenly realised I was daydreaming about Theodore and me.

I bent down close to Theodore and whispered in his ears, “We’re taking you home tomorrow.  I promise.”  I think he understood me because his eyes lit up when I said that.  I hurried over to my dad and begged for Theodore.  He finally said yes.  We filled out an application and got approved.

The next day we went back to the SPCA to get our dog.  Te employee got Theodore out of his cage.  I put the leash I bought him on his collar.  We tried to put him in the car, but he did not want to get in. Eventually we had to lift the dog up into the car.  We finally got to drive home.

That is how I got my amazing dog Theodore!
By Natasha Lefranc (Grade Five, 11yrs old)
Shediac Cape School

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