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PARENTING: Why women forget things after becoming pregnant

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Some cynics say that women become forgetfull when they become pregnant. This might be true but not a fact given…

1. First, you have to tell family and frienda that you are pregnant.

2. You must tell your doctor that you missed your period..
Then the damn tests and scans.

3. You must remain sane at work and cannot miss any deadlines.

4. You must redo your budget. Does my income pay all the bills, then this baby?

5. How much time does my employer allow me for parental leave?

6. To my manager. I know I should build my career first, I am sorry to have to tell you that I am pregnant after being with the company for 18mths.

7. To the father of the child. “Stop complaining about me getting fat. I need ice cream with pickles”.  He replies “You are starting to look like an elephant”. Excuse me, I am eating for 2 humans.
Those were the things going through my mind. No wonder I was bring forgetful.

Finally, I walked into my manager’s office on the brink of tears and told her truth.

Hellen hugged me as I was crying.

“Martha, congratulations. You know team and the company and I will support you in every way. We will celebrate with you”.

Now, I am looking like an IDIOT. Can you imagine I was afraid to say I was pregnant!!!

I sent my manager a message when I was in labour. Soon sent the photos.

My employer was the first one that sent a fruit basket and flowers. I had told my boss that we were gonna name her Rebecca.

My boss attached a tiny card to the flowers “Rebecca, welcome to the world”.

I have worked with only one company since leaving UofT. Now you know why.

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