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PARENTING: When a 3yr old chooses the name for her baby sister

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You have never seen comedy till the doctor asks the 3yr old what name to give to her fresh born baby sister.

Dr. G: “So, Rebecca, what name have you chosen for your baby?”

Becks: “I want to call her Malacha”.

Dr. G: “That is a different name. What if she hates itehen she grows up and wants a different name?”

Becks: “Then I will just call her Little Babushika”.

Dr. G proceeded to tag the baby as “Baby Nangalama / Malacha / Little Babushika”.

Three weeks later, we go for weighing baby. Dr. G asks Rebecca “what movies have you been watching lately?”

Becks replies “Anastasia is a goooood movie. It is in Russia. You should watch it too”.

On the way out, Dr. G gives me the paperwork hehad completed for me to submit to the govt for the child benefit cheque and to myemployerto report new baby for company benefits.

The name of the baby, our doctor had written NATASHA. I half died because apparently his kids hadalso been watching ANASTASIA so when Rebecca had said MALACHA, our doctor had known immediately that it was NATASHA.

By the way, along the way, we found out that Little Babushika means LITTLE GRANDMA. You can imagine what we call her when she gets on our nerves

***tune in regularly. I have many funny real life stories. Thanks Please

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