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PARENTING: Uganda parents struggle to pay school fees – @HeBobiWine @MugishaMuntu @SejuDav

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When I look at how Uganda opposition do pressers and live camera talks, I wonder if they know what the average person in the village goes through.

Yesterday, I had a long chat with one of my followers in Uganda.  Ronald told me: “Opposition must go into the villages.  It is villagers who vote for Museveni because they do not know better”.

Reality is, Military Dictator Yoweri Museveni has been running an impoverishment of the masses.  People go days with no food.  Come elections, he promises them heaven and they vote for him. Worse, even if Museveni does not go to the villages, his sycophants go there and give people UGX 5,000 (about $1.50USD).  People are hungry and accept this little money and vote for their tormentor,  It is called IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION. 

I read in Uganda media that some constituencies are asking Museveni to fulfill his promises to them now, promises which were made in 2011.

Either my people are totally Tupid or I was adopted and share no DNA with Uganda.  Imagine waiting for 8yrs. And he will tell them he is working on those promises and they will vote for him come 2021 or 2023 depending on the 7yr term our MPigs demanded for to give Museveni Life Presidency.


No one seems to be addressing the rural economy.  The villages.  Most action is centred in Kampala and yet if you get the villages, you will have the masses.  Uganda is 75% Agriculture which happens upcountry.  The other 25% of the GDP is urban and scammers.

Ronald asked me how opposition can reach the villages.  WELL, most of us come from villages.  Many youth in Kampala hold roots in villages.  Recruit them and you will be shocked how many of them will do it for free.  Then broadcast for them a message to send to their village.  Even kids in villages now own smartphones.  I would suggest that you do not post your message on your social media page.  Rather, find a way for your fans to give you their mobile number.  Then use Microsoft Publisher with Gmail and Outlook and send them SMS messages to their phones.  If you need help with this, you know where I can be reached.

Sharing all your plans on Social Media…come on, not even Grade 3 (P3) kids share their plans online.  These small monsters talk on the yellow school bus and on the play ground and in the cafeteria.  However, you grown men feel it necessary to talk your things on live camera. Who grew you?

I do not talk to you from a position of priviledge.  I am one of the poorest women you will ever meet.  When I was around 14 or 15yrs old, some men showed up at our home in Mbuya.  I asked father why those men were at our home.  He replied “I sold the car”.  Which shocked me.  “But why sell the only car we have?”  He replied “to pay your school fees. Namagunga is a bit expensive and your sisters at Gayaza. also cost a lot”.

NATURALLY I told father that I was dropping out of school then and get married and he gets 6 cows but keeps the car.  That man looked at me and said “Do you want me to call Stephen or Tabisa to settle this argument?”  I am an adult now but I swear, that fear of my older siblings is the only reason why I do not call some of you idiots.

Father sold his car which he had bought for cash after his degree in UK as he got a job immediately when he returned from England.  I think it was during Obote I.

Fast forward, I watched people come and take my car away.  My first born was in a private school (Canada private and boarding schools are like 0.05%) which she had picked because in the Province of New Brunswick, religion is not allowed in public schools and Becky wanted to go to a Christian School.

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Parents sacrifice a lot for their kids.  Why does opposition feel it necessary to put these kids in teargas and live bullets?  I will never accept this.  There is Civil Disobedience.  Why not try this?  There is bleeding the economy.  Why not try this?  Raila is good at this latter option.  We have had enough deaths of our children, NO MORE.

If my kids are in Toronto, Canada, I cannot and must not and never will encourage youth in Uganda to go out to be killed as mine remain safe. I have had a discussion with 2 of my four girls (the younger ones) and they said…. “why not get all the kids to blast globally on social media about the injustices?”  Uganda kids rather attack total strangers and abuse with no solution in site.  But they abuse someone in Canada who is on a salary and soon to retire with a rather good pension.  EMITWE EGYO.

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

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