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PARENTING: The joy of being a mother!

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Our monkette was born 2 months early. She weighed 1.75 kilos.  Which sounds like a lot but imagine that small body has all the body functions of a child born weighing 5+ kilos.

Premmies are a lot of work.  Daily, while Tasha was in PICU, I would spend 12hrs with her.  Then daily, I would bring Rebecca to see the little sister.

Our doctor has a funny sense of humour. “Rebecca, do you want your baby sister to come home?”.  She would always reply “I think she is too small.  She needs to get fatter”.

Finally, after 2 weeks in PICU, we head home with instructions. “Premies must be fed timely every 3hrs. They need to gain weight to be on par with their peers”.

Weekly visits to the doctor to weigh the preemie.  I always skipped Rebecca out of school (it is not like a 3yr old is gonna miss anything) and in the third week visit, imagine what the kid tells our doctor.

“Doctor, I think you should take back the baby to the hospital where she came from.  Last night, mommy yelled ‘I am gonna threw this baby out of the window.  My little sister was crying so much and mommy was so tired and my sister eats constantly mommy is not sleeping”.

Upon which he asks her “Do you know where babies come from Rebecca?”.  She replies “they come from a hospital.  This one, I even sing for her but she keeps crying and I also need sleep”.

He then said “I cannot return your baby sister to where she came from.  But if you keep singing for her and you help mommy to feed her and change her pampers, you will soon see that your sister is a gift”.

We returned home.  AND suddenly, I had a nanny. Milk, pampers, singing, reading.

Tasha is now 18yrs old and graduating from Grade 12 (S6 equivalent), heading to Toronto and will be living with her sister Becky who is 21yrs old.

Of course it is frightening to think of both of them so young and so far away but I sure hope that Becky will not throw Tasha out of the window.  The girls have missed each other a lot for the years Becky has been in University in Toronto (Moncton is 1600kms from Toronto).  I think they will care for each other as they have always done.

Congratulations little Monkey.  Ryerson University is getting yet another smart kid.  Although, you should have accepted University of Toronto where we belong.  OOPS (Tasha accepted this one) (Tasha rejected this one) (Tasha rejected this one)

TEACH YOUR KIDS TO HAVE INDEPENDENT MINDS.  You will be surprised one day.

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