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PARENTING: Stay at home parents have more skills than those in workforce

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The most humbling experience in the recruiting business happened at the most inconvenient time in my life. I was quitting a job and management demanded that I participate in the recruiting of my replacement.

The candidates were super.  They had the best CVs ever and when we were short listing people for interviews as we shredded some CVs (a lot of them), I happened on this one page CV.  Only one page.  It did not have much at all and yet it was there.

On her CV, this lady had mentioned the University where she got her degree. AND THEN NO WORK EXPERIENCE.  Who even gets a degree and does not proceed to mention all the great companies they have worked for?

Her HOBBIES / VOLUNTEER / COMMUNITY section had “I have raised 3 children.  They have all graduated from university and have good jobs. After 37 years, I am ready to return into the ‘workforce’ and I will work just as hard”.

I yellowed that CV, wrote a note for my manager “I am taking the rest of the day off because you are gonna hire this wonderful lady”.  Went home, shut off my mobile and land line. Did not turn on my laptop till the following week to check email.

“Martha, just so you know, we read the CV after you took off and we hired your so-called “wonderful candidate”.  So, of course then I could quit with a good conscience.  I wish I could tell you which organisation I am talking about.  CONFLICT. 

Time management
CPR / Standard First Aid – well, the kid might be chocking
Sleepless nights over and over and yet you must show up the next morning for work
Doing Homework
Fashion Designer
Chef – you gotta feed them and do Meal Planning
Conflict Resolution…. you are holding one and the other flies in “s/he hit me”
Medics – for some reason, doctors always wanna see the kids so you learn to understand medicine
Catechism – Religion because you do not wanna raise them as pagans
Community / Team work – Many times, you cannot be in all places so you call on the other parents
Social Media – Mom, I snap chatted you that I need you to pick me up because my belly hurts
…..etc… etc…. nebilala nebilala

PS: Let us not get into Uganda things of we need school fees.  That is a PhD thesis on its own.

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