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PARENTING: Siblings should not bite and hit each other

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There was one very bad day. It was actually worser than bad. It was the worsest day.

I hear screaming “Mummy she is beating me again”.

I run to the living room “Natasha, why do you keep beating Rebecca”?

Cheeky Monkey looks at me “But this time she is the one who slapped me”.

Rebecca is such an angel that kid never does anything wrong. It had to be Tasha who had started the fight.

Becks is on her phone and laptop and hisses “I did beat her up. She tried to bully me”.

OKAY, cool heads now.

“Natasha, why are you angry at your sister”?

This is when hell broke loose.

TASHA: “Beckyboo tried to get me into Grade 3 (P3). I a only 5yrs old and in Kindergarten. I am gonna make her pay bigtime”.

MOM: “Becky, why did you try to get your sister to skip from K to Grade 3”?

On Natasha’s first day at school for Kindergarten, Rebecca had proudly walked up to Mss Evans (the school principal aka HM) and said “Miss Evans, I present to you my little sister. She is really smart. Do you wanna see?”.

Miss Evans replied in the affirmative. Then the showing off begun.

BECKY: “Tashaboo, what is 1 plus 1”?

TASHA: “Two”.

BECKY: “What is 2 plus 2”?

What is 4 plus 4?

What is 8 plus 8?

Apparently this is when Tasha said “you did not teach me 8 plus 8”.

MEANWHILE, Miss Evans was impressed and said “Oh Natasha, you are so smart we are gonna skip you from Kindergarten straight to Grade 3”.

Naturally Miss Evans was joking but a 5yr old only knows that Grade3 has big kids. Very big kids.

The child skipped school for the rest of that week. No one cared. It is not like you miss anything in Kindergarten. She said nothing all week. Just played on her Tamagochi (sp) until she lost it and hit her sister.

*** My kids are very close to each other. We say “I am my sister’s keeper”.

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