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PARENTING: Read to your kids, read with your kids

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When I was a young girl growing up in Bududa, Uganda, our family had only 2 books.

Telephone Directory


Oxford English Dictionary

Things Fall Apart


This one day, my twin brother bear the crap out of me yelling “you even read only 2 books”. This totally threw me off track.

That night when Mzee returned from work and found me crying (I had been crying for 6hrs), he asked me who I had abused.

“Mzee, please buy me my own book”.

Later that week, he returned with a book with a note “This book is for Mayi Leah”. After 15 minutes, having completed reading my book, I stormed into his office when he was marking assignments for some cursed kids at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

The first book he gave me was ABC!!! A for Apple. B for Book. C for Cupboard all in Pictionary. I think I was maybe age 6 or 8. “Father, why did you buy me a book of Pictionary? I want a book with words. Pictionary is for small kids. I am a very big person now. I want my own book with no photos”.

I remember this day as if it was yesterday. He held his face in his arms and cried. I had hurt his feelings. But what was he thinking giving me a book of Pictionary? Apples were not even being grown in Bududa.

That is how the whole situation begun. He started to bring news papers. Later, books. Real books. Later, past exam papers. On and On and parents should also not try to be too much help. Kids need food. Not books. Books can’t quench a hunger or a thirst. FOOD.

Anyway, decades later, a family friend visited us at Route 132. They know me well, since 1996 when I first went to Paris. This family, they read a lot. Together, we went downstairs for me to show them my book collection.

You can tell a lot about a person depending on what they read. Our father used to do Reverse Psychology. I think that when he gave me the Pictionary book of ABC, he meant to tell me “if you read only books with lots of photos, you are a fruit:, NEDDA. That rubbish will not cross to my village.


*** I will probably add on later. 

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