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PARENTING: Raise compassionate kids for our future

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PHOTO of Martha and Natasha. Copyright is Rebecca

One time, I stormed out of a weekly meeting. My then Administrative Manager stormed into my office “Martha, do you know that even if I am only your Administrative Boss, I can influence your promotion and salary increase. You do not storm out of my weekly meetings”.

REPLY: “Then fire me. Those meetings are long and boring. I have a project to finish and let me finish testing my code then come and talk to you after”.

He looks at me “That is a lot of disrespect for your boss”. Like I even cared. Let him go do my job his selfie.

I took my lunch break that day to the Local Library where I could use the public computers and free internet. I applied for a job (I was gonna be fired from my job anyway so I might as well start looking).

I was called in for an interview to which I was like the world’s best qualified. Now, in the interview, they always ask where are you currently working or if new, what degree and which school. I told them that I was “exploring opportunities while currently employed”.

They asked me why I was leaving. I replied that I preferred not to say why.

Then the HR Manager asks me “Tell us what you have done in your life that you are most proud of”.

OHHHHHH.  I had the perfect answer. “I am most proud of being a mother. It is the one thing I am most proud of in my life. You see, kids, they teach so much that you wonder why kids are not the ones in charge”.

She looks at me and says “Martha, the job is for a Network Engineer with Database Experience. It is not about your children. So what have you done which you are most proud of?”

REPLY: “The thing which I am most proud of as my life time accomplishment is having and raising children. Anyone can be a Network Engineer but not every Network Engineer can raise Compassionate kids like the ones I have raised while holding a full time job in IT”.

You should have seen how nice I became the next week when I returned to work. I had just been shown real life. Being a parent is not a respected profession. KUDOS TO ALL THE PARENTS. For as long as we refuse to recognise that parenting is a lifetime obligation, that being a parent is a very high achievement, that stay at home parents raised the future presidents and prime ministers, for as long as we insist on money and big salaries or positions in a corporation being the biggest our biggest achievement, we shall not realise that a person who says “My biggest achievement in life is what qualifies me for this job”.  All employers need to review the parenting responsibilities to notice how tough and fulfilling a job it is, you will never know.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

#Parenting #Millenial kids – #Uganda

Natasha is a bit wild but with good reason. But she was switched in hospital and this is a true story so one of these days, we gonna do a DNA test.

Natasha: Mom, please wash my clothes and fold them.

Martha:  You are now 16 years old and should be making your own bed, your lunch and washing and folding your own clothes.

Natasha: I am a very busy kid.  I have school and a job.

Martha: Okay, only this once.

Natasha: Mom, like seriously?  You spend so much time on those Ugandans and they do not even appreciate it.  At least wash my clothes and fold them.  I love you and appreciate you.

Martha:  Then give me the password for your laptop because I need to edit and publish something for my editor and Uganda.

Natasha: Tell him or them to buy you a laptop or pay me $85 for the password then you can use my laptop when I do not need it for homework.

I paid the $85 and got the password but must turn it over whenever it is needed for homework.


Natasha: Mommy, I am buying you a gift. You will love it. I know you will love it.


Martha: Natasha, could I please take a look at my new laptop?

Natasha:  I love you but not that much.  You will nationalise my new laptop.

WALKS UP TO ME while I am on her laptop (old one) — Mom, now you have your own laptop.  Enjoy it and tell your people that a kid bought you a laptop.

My friends and enemies, a child just gave me a laptop.  Okay it may be her old used one but this machine is top of the line. She had bought it in 2016 using Momy’s debit card (my kids all have access to my bank account) and she now turns it over to me.  Her new one was well researched.  Canada has these websites which guide kids on which gadgets they need.  She did a lot of research for it.  This is the website.

One thing I have come to notice is that kids in Canada read and research a lot.  Of course if your mother is an IT specialist, most kids would ask the mother to recommend technology.  BUT not with these girls.  They are like “you went to school when?  When you people were using listserves and Talk instead of SnapChat, let me show you how we now do things”.

The kids mean no insult at all.  In fact, they proudly tell all their friends “my mother is a geek”.

The other thing is when a kid says, “I am gonna get a part time job and work after school, weekends and all summer holidays because I need a new gadget, nice clothes and to take my friends out to movies and pizza”.  The kids work for every penny.  I do not remember the last time I even gave the girls pocket money.

You live with your parents.
You drive your parents’ house.
They pay your school fees.
They buy all your clothes.
You go to Serena Hotel to party with your friends and call mommy or daddy to come pick you up because you forgot to arrange a ride back home.
Then you have the audacity to tell your parents “I got the degree, now get me a job”.

THEN SOME OF YOU WONDER why Ugandan university graduates will never compete with kids who are not taking anything for granted.

Now, Ugandans can thank Mini because she bought me the laptop that none of you have bought for me for all the years of activism for your own livelihoods.  In fact, you people are not even serious.  When Frank Gashumba asked Ugandans to donate a bit of money to wakyili pay for his air time and data to host live shows on the Internet to inform you and educate you, some of you said “Frank muyaye, afuna ssente okuva ku gavamenti kakati agamba nti tumuwe ssente”.

May thunder strike the fools who do not realise that people who spend time informing you and fighting for your rights deserve respect.  OMG, Ugandans celebrated when Gashumba was arrested.  How myopic.

May Museveni sell more into slavery for they deserve it!

A nation which does not read deserves to be enslaved.

Martha Leah Nangalama
BUT oh dear God, why was it that I was born in Uganda?  Are you sure you did not make a mistake? Anyway, I shall carry the cross if that is your wish.

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