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PARENTING: Kudos to all stay at home parents

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The whole system, the entire system is against women. This is incredible. We are the ones who grew you. Be nice to us.

Canada is not the best country in the world by any chance. Let me tell you the W5-H.

So, in 1997, I was reading up on what happens if you born a baby. I find out that a mother can take 52 weeks off for maternity leave and will have security to return to her job and will be paid 55% of her salary for a year.

I quick scroll through the details. ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT. They said, the 55% is capped at an income of $48,000 per year. You must also pay income tax on that money”.

This is where I realised that I live in a Mafia country. I can take 52 weeks off work and you will pay me 55% of my salary capped at $48,000??? And I am the one who is going 3 weeks without sleep? The baby has colic. She now has teething. She is losing weight so I must feed her every 2hrs to help her become a fat cute pumpkin. AND I am the one who has to keep taking the baby to the doctor or paediatrician or both? Weekly or monthly OR all the above?

Where is the clause of the father? How many weeks will he take off work and be paid the 55% of the cap at $48,000 per year? This is when I gave up on GOVERNMENT. Our government leaders do not have children. They do not know what it feels like to spend 3 weeks with no sleep because the baby is teething. Most of the leaders have nannies. Now, how do you afford a nannie on half of your income? Very stupid. The same people will be in media saying “we have a population problem. Women are not having as many babies as in the past.” THEN, GO MAKE BABIES IN YOUTUBES (test tubes. I had to think about this one a bit because now days, everything happens on REEL, Youtube or TikTok or Instagram. Fakebook live and Snapchat are so old. Move upwind. So is WeChat. 

Democracy is dead. Capitalism rules. I swore not to have another kid. Then proceeded to have more kids. Because, give me money but I prefer the joy of being a parent. One is only an employee number in an org chart for a company, organisation or NGO. Anyone with half your brain or education can now replace you. Employee Number UG_01_Obote was soon replaced with Gen. Iddi Amin, President (Patriot) Employee Number UG_02_Amin.

…. nabalala nabalala…… THEREFORE, wake me up when I need to talk of another Patriotic President of Uganda. I have told you enough.


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