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Open letter to Canada’s Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau @Gouv_NB

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Dear PM Justin Trudeau and Premier Blaine Higgs, I write to you with full respect. I thank you for keeping Canada safe.

Today is my grandson’s birth day. Momo just turned age 5. He was born in Moncton at the George Dumont Hospital.

We need to put a face on the stats. We must put humans on the numbers. Naturally, our family is not in Las Vegas to celebrate Momo’s birthday. Neither is he in Moncton for us to celebrate.

I would like to tell you about my family and what this pandemic is doing and what it has done.

I have my children. Toronto, Montreal, Charlottetown and Las Vegas. Toronto and Montreal are university though. Usually, we get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You know these are the most important holidays in Canada. This year, 2020 (Twenty Plenty), our family has not gotten together on Route 132. Out of all the kids, only one managed to fly home to Moncton in July. She had to isolate for 14 days. When we picked her up from the Moncton airport, I was not allowed to touch her, hug her or kiss her. Naturally, I did not obey the rules. However, when we got home, she went downstairs in our family’s apartment and stayed there for 14 days. Occasionally, we went outside and had to sit very far away from each other. It hurt beyond belief.

We have not been able to see any of our other 3 daughters since January 2020. One of our daughters is just across the bridge and we have not been able to see her. The one in Las Vegas is a toss.

How our children must be suffering far away from their parents is a question to be asked. HOW ARE THE CHILDREN MANAGING? As a parent, you are parents too, how are your children managing the distance from you? The distance from home? The distance from their teachers? The distance from their priests, pastors, clerics, friends? How are the children doing?

Then Canadian universities show up with this bullshit of increasing tuition when the kids cannot even be in class and meet their professors. Who even does that? We pay high tuition for kids to go away from home to great universities and be taught by professors who will tell them the same thing “your parents were right”. However, now, professors get off the hook. They use ZOOM as if we ever signed an agreement to learn via ZOOM. 

You, yourself, how many of your university courses did you take online? I know I took none. Then why do you allow universities to charge exorbitant tuition for kids to only learn online? Actually, if they had this rubbish #BackInThemGoodOldDays, I would not have gotten a university degree (or 2).

Hon. Justin Trudeau and Hon. Blaine Higgs, you are letting our children down. You are ensuring that Canada’s future is ruined. You are tormenting not only parents but also children. You have joined this world class of dictators who believe that children must be kept away from their families. You have closed borders. You have set up policies based on a pandemic that not even President Donald J. Trump believes in. President Trump is on record saying that we only have a flu and there is nothing to worry about. The whole thing of some 220,000 Americans dying from Covid-19 must be evaluated in the eyes of our usual winter flus.

Which reminds me, do we still have to take the fly shot? Also, out of the 220,000 who have died in America. Supposing one of them was your father, mother, uncle, wife, auntie, cousin, colleague, friend, neighbour? Would you then stop and count numbers? Who wants to be a static?


Momo is 5yrs old today. He is in Las Vegas. Sure, Americans can fly back home but the last time I looked, the Atlantic bubble requires family coming in to ensure they will isolate for 14 days. Think about it. Our family members in USA are allowed to fly into Canada but must state that they will stay for a minimum of 14 days for isolation / quarantine.

*** I have no idea who comes up with such ideas but I think they should be fired pronto.

We will not even get into Martha flying to Uganda to see her family. Uganda is a shithole. I can give you facts about that country. And do not start about how Uganda is the best country to visit during Covid-19 because it kept its Covid cases low. I can give you facts of how many people were killed to keep that number down and how Uganda scammed the world.


Martha Leah Nangalama is a Canadian citizen from Uganda. I am a human rights advocate for Uganda and Canada. Without education, our countries have doomed the future generations. This is why Canada must only fund EDUCATION in Uganda. Nothing else. 

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