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Nice is not good enough – Ugandan employers must learn how to treat employees

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Ugandan employers take advantage of the high unemplpyment and do not respect their employees.


You will find people boasting about how rheir emplpyees.  Then ask questions.


They pay people something like UGX 250,00£.  God forbid if they pay them UGX 500,000 per month.


If they ride on the 92% unemployment and pay so little and think Employers must kneel down for them then they make a grave mistake.


When Mini was 6yrs old and started working for me, she insisted on CAD $100 per month.  She only had to monitor my emails and social media.  I allowed her 20hrs per week.  Minimum wage for a kid was terribly low.  Something like $5 if you work for your parents.  Hence the $100 per month. Mind you working away from home is minimum wage. Something like $10.75 per hour.


At one point I was paying her $15 but few hours.  She evaluated her needs and asked me to double her salary or she would quit and go find a job with more hours.


This kid is an alien.  One time when we packed 1800kgs of live lobster to ship to Hong Kong, she was the one preparing the shipping labels (bills of lading) and she was only 9yrs old at that time.


She then stays up all night to monitor the shipment.  Kept sending emails to the buyer.  Kept checking the cargo and tracking it.


When you hire someone good at the job you must back off.


Wake up next day to check if the buyer in Hong Kong had cleared the shipment.


Imagine my shock.  There had been a big snow storm in Toronto and the shipment had not left.


My assistant had called a trucking company in Toronto to go pick up the boxes and take them to their fridge holding in Burmington.  Then told them she was gonna space on the next flight and would tell them when to truck the boxes to the airport.  She then got space and got the company to take the boxes to the airport to catch the flight.


“Sir, lobster are very fragile.  Our client prepaid.  We cannot afford mortality.  Could you please catch this flight?”.


When the boxes were loaded she ahot off an email to the buyer “slight delay. It has been snowing but check this flight”.


We ended up with 3% mortality which is good in this business. Of course mortality must be paid back to the customer.


When shipping perishables the customer has paid $25 per kilo for you better know logistics.


It was much later when the buyer in Hong Kong called me and said my assistant had done an amazing job and been professional.


The gentleman was shocked when I told him my assistant was 9yrs old.  Ahe has a commanding voice and sounds like a big person.


This is how we teach kids to take full responaibility.


The girls have learned about business the hard way.  They are good with numbers and commmunication and proficient in Technology.


One time when I was in Saint John Regional hospital, Rebecca had to pay all the bills online and trade in my account.  She was also 9yrs old.


Kid walks in and says she had just spent $475 on the entire Harry Porter serries using my account.  I half died.


I had told her the night before to dunp RIMM.  Poor kid had ran to the computer and bought 250 shareswhich I had told her to sell. She then realises her mistake and sells.  I always taught the girls to read charts.  So this kid had watched RIMm flying up from $125 a share due to panic and watched the chart signalling exit.  She dumped it.


In one hour she booked $3750 in my account then went to buy books.  I was left speechless.


Perhaps trusting employees might not work out like trusting my employees has done but if you do not trust them you make a big mistake.  People learn from mistakes. Experience is the best teacher.


Hire good qualified people and give them breathing space.  They will surprise you.


Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

Both girls are going into medics because apparently they hate the drama of trading. AMEN

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