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Museveni’s desperate scheme to overshadow the ‘pair of buttocks’ flops

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Dr. Stella Nyanzi of Makerere University is under incarceration over alleged cyber harassment and offensive communication criminal charges. The charges arise from a barrage of social media attacks that she unleased on Uganda’s military dictator and his wife.  She called Museveni a ‘pair of Buttocks’ and described his wife as being ‘foolish with narrow brains’. This followed Museveni wife’s declaration that the regime wont be able to provide sanitary pads to school girls.  During the last sham elections campaign, Museveni had committed the regime in providing sanitary pads to these girls in order for them to remain in school.

Alongside social media attacks, Dr. Stella Nyanzi had been fundraising for and supplying sanitary pads to school girls. At the instigation of the First Lady who is also the Minister of Education, she has also been suspended by Makerere University administration.  This development has attracted local and international attention.  Majority of Ugandans are in support of Stella Nyanzi while almost all major global news outlets and media houses have widely covered it more especially the ‘pair of buttocks’ part of it.

Feeling cornered, Museveni had to design a scheme in the hope that it would overshadow the ‘pair of buttocks’ rage.  That is how the Labour Minister, Herbert Kabafunzaki’s alleged bribe scandal came to the fold.  Because of the acute urgency, the scheme was so hastly arranged that its authenticity has instead raised immense doubt.  Upon arrest, the Minister pleaded innocence claiming that “its a hoax I didn’t do anything, the hotel cameras are there.”  The schemer’s agent, Brian Mugabo with whom the alleged bribe cash was found had to plead guilty and make a confession.  Instead of convicting him, he was instead remanded in a ‘safer place’ and has since then retracted his confession.  At court, security unusually allowed the Minister to address the press in defence of his innocence. He was granted bail the following day while others with similar charges are rotting away on remand.

Despite the above shortfalls, Museveni went ahead to make use of the scandal.  He addressed the press where he declared the start of the war on corruption.  However, his declaration of ‘war on corruption’ has failed to overshadow the ‘pair of buttocks’ saga.   He has also suspended the said Minister but in the past whenever his top cohorts were implicated in corruption, he would vehemently come to their defence arguing that its him that the ‘agitators’ were fighting.

Just like other regime officials, Minister Kabafunzaki did solicit for that bribe.  Like in all other corruption cases, Museveni came to know about it and owing to the trending ‘pair of buttocks’, he opted to sacrifice him instead of closing a blind eye as usual.  The one who offered the bribe confirmed that he had contacted Museveni who gave him a go-ahead thus; “…. give him the money and we have him arrested”.  What happened to institutions that are supposed to fight graft if it is Museveni to decide on who, when, and how to be arrested.  What if it had been Sam Kuteesa, Jim Muhweezi or any other

member of the Inner Circle’!!!!!  African military dictators have mastered the art of creating diversionary scenarios whenever they are faced with a big challenge that threatens to lay bare their autocracy.


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