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Photo may be subject to copyright

Photo may be subject to copyright

Photo may be subject to copyright

CHANGE OF GUARDS – Being a potential indictee of the ICC, Uganda’s military dictator has been strongly advocating for the pulling out of African countries from the ICC.  He accuses it of targeting African leaders and serving an imperialist agenda.  The other day, he defiantly hosted an ICC indictee, then Sudan’s President Omar Bashir at a public function in Kampala where he attacked the ICC and the west in particular; prompting a protest walk out by western diplomats.  Bashir was toppled a few years later by the army following popular mass protests.   The panicky Museveni moved very first to be the first foreign leader to meet the new leadership of Sudan.  Obviously, he was attempting to blackmail them into not handing over Bashir to the ICC.  He even offered asylum to Bashir if he could be allowed to come to Uganda.  In return he offered to help in improving the diplomatic standing of Sudan hence the recent meeting between the President of Sudan and Israeli’s Prime Minister in Kampala.  Recently the new leadership of Sudan announced its decision to handover Bashir to the ICC.  Behind the scenes, Museveni must be involved in efforts to blackmail the leadership of Sudan to rescind their decision. 

The developments in Sudan coupled by the high potential for an all-out military confrontation with Rwanda, Museveni must have got a shock of his life.  Like a wounded buffalo, Museveni dashed to the recently concluded AU summit with a backstab.  His main agenda was to impress it upon his fellow African leaders the need for implementation of an almost two decades of the African Standby Force (ASF).  He had desperately intended to mobilize the entire continent in a meeting over the ASF that was scheduled to take place on the sidelines of the 33 AU Summit.  Instead, he embarrassingly found himself alone in the meeting hall before it was postponed at short notice. 
His speech to the summit said it all;
      “………. Africa’s need to build it’s capacity to defend itself is more urgent now than ever before.”

Like it is the case with the East African Community (EAC) where his core stake is to secure a military alliance, Museveni was not only the initiator but a strong advocate of the establishment of the ASF.  The scheme traces its roots from the Libya uprising that saw the ouster of Ghadaffi.  He came to the realization that the building of a strong personal army could not guarantee his hold on power.  In his estimates, he desperately believes that such a force would intervene in the event his hold on power would be threatened.  He intended to avert a situation similar to when the Iddi Amin regime was overthrown by a few Ugandan exiles backed by the Tanzanian army in 1979. 

Founded in 2002 under the AU Peace and Security Council protocols, the ASF was meant to be a force that would provide a quick response a rapid response to conflicts and emergency situations in Africa.  Initially, the military chiefs of African countries met under their umbrella organisation, African Chiefs of Defense Staff (ACDS) and decided on the establishment of five regional standby Brigades under the regional groupings like ECOWAS in West Africa, IGADD in the East and Horn of Africa and SADC in the southern region.  At that juncture Museveni jumped on the formation of an East African Standby Brigade (EASB) under IGADD.  A structural formulation meeting under the auspices of the East African Chiefs of Defence Staff was held in Jinja, Uganda in February 2004. 

owever, owing to the role that was played by the AU Intervention Brigade comprised of troops from South Africa, Tanzania and Malawi in the Eastern DRC against the M23 in 2014 made Museveni refocus his attention.  He advocated for the formation of a Joint Military Center (JMC) under the International Conference on the Great Lakes region (ICGLR) in 2016.  It comprises of 12 countries of the Great Lakes Region including Angola.

The EASB was modified and renamed the East African Standby Force (EASF) but exists only on paper.  It is comprised of about 15 countries from the Horn Of Africa, East Africa, and the sycelles.  The military chiefs of these member countries had their last meeting in Kampala around December 2019.  Owing to the complexity of the current threats to his hold on power, he rightly believes that Rwanda has compromised the EASF and may not come to his rescue.   He still has the option of running to Russia, China and North Korea for rescue in case of any serious threatened to his hold on power.

Watch the space.


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