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Museveni did not destroy opposition, he just let them do it themselves

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No support for Dr. Kizza Besigye or Gen. Mugisha Muntu was ever lost from my part for I believed in both of them and I still do believe in both gentlemen.  Everything supporting both gentlemen and also criticizing them is public and only a Google search.  The problem for Besigye is letting total diehard hooligans run his campaigns and Andrew Mwenda (love him or hate him) did point this out far too many times and most of you ignored Mwenda.

Gen. Mugisha Muntu and his ridiculous politeness and discipline.  For the life of me, we are at war and you are always so Mr. Gentle.  Come on brother, fight for once.  It is frustrating for us who believe in you to watch you be trashed. ALTHOUGH, it has been a humbling experience for many of us to question our naivety and our quick to anger. Muntu is not quick to anger.  In the politics of Uganda, we want everyone to be extremely angry.  BUT here you are… calm.  The house is burning and you are calling the fire brigade.  WAIT, can I throw some petrol on the burning house?  DAMN…you say, no no not now. Would have felt great though. Just saying….


Over the last 5 years, I have come to respect President Yoweri Museveni very much.  AND trust me, he is not paying me for this post.

Museveni is on record for saying that opposition are like malaya.  One can buy them any time and he has proven it to be true.

Museveni also said that by 2021, there would be no opposition.  AND my gosh, he was so right on this one too.

Museveni also called opposition as far too confused to run a country AND he was right.

You can hate or love Museveni and in fact most of us hate him but when you analyse him, he is usually right.

This opposition, whatever is left of it has no chance in hell.  Likely now, they should all just hang up their opposition hats and join NRM to build the nation.  AND please accept that corruption, impunity and calous murders are part of the deal.

If opposition did not know the power of Gen. Mugisha Muntu, now they know.  This is one man that even NRM dared attack.  In fact, NRM kept offering MM opportunities to return home.  He never did AND never will.  He is far too principled and has integrity, none of what you people in opposition know about.  I want this to rub this into your faces until it hurts and you all say SORRY to MM.

You morons of stupidity decided to fight Gen. Mugisha Muntu when he was not the enemy.  In your fights against him, you lost the battle against Gen. Yoweri Museveni who I congratulate for sitting back and watching opposition self destruct.

It was rather sweet to read from EDGE yesterday that members of FDC when now asked if they are FDC, they ask “which FDC?”.

Your decisive politics of attacking each other and denigrating your own people are why we are here now to see Museveni remain president for life.

Do you remember that many and I personally put my life on the line and told you that Amama Mbabazi, Gen. Sejusa, Gen. Muntu were not the enemies AND yet in your arrogance because you are yIntelleketchos, you chose to fight JPAM, Sejusa, Muntu and here we are now.

What exactly was the plan for January 9, 2018?  You give so much hope to the masses and deliver nothing.  You claimed that you would reclaim your victory from 2016 and yet have no damn anything to reclaim that victory and you know FDC won the battle but you are much too proud to ask for the results of the elections.

You claimed that you were going to do sijui kwekalakasa and get people’s kids shot dead.  You claimed that Muntu is too peaceful and he never attends rallies to get tear gassed and shot at.  Well, but actually this is very stupid.  In war, who takes out their forces to be killed and lose morale?

I have repeatedly asked for your balance sheet of what Uganda’s debt is and who we owe money to and what the service terms are AND I was told that these are things to be worked out later.  I bet if I ask Museveni for this information, he will provide it. BUT I am not interested in it from the regime for such information should be public already and yet you who prostitute yourselves to Museveni do not even have such information.  AND then, why would anyone believe that you would make a difference to Uganda?  For after all, the way you devour each other tells us that when you get power, you will devour us too.

May you remember that when Museveni was slaughtering people in Kasese, you were holding a party.  AND may you also remember that when Bududa and Sironko had land slides, you flew to Europe for some useless convention when my people were dying and buried and being declared as mass graves and the worst of it is you said “FDC is not on any one’s payroll and it is not the minister of Disaster”.  Perhaps in future you ought to think about what you say to people who are desperately crying out for OPPOSITION to please come and help since govt is not here.  You are as complicit as NRM.

Gen. Mugisha Muntu is the leader that you all needed and will never have because you never see value laid in front of your eyes and seek yonder for others when you could just only open your eyes. AND I will not go into a pissing match with any FDC for I was told to start my own PURITAN party in which no one can criticize Mugisha Muntu AND I did while you were sleeping.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada, born and raised in Bududa.
PS: If you think this is an angry rant, wait for the next one where I go into the details of your financials. UGANDA YOUTH NEED TO FORM THEIR OWN PARTY TO FIGHT FOR THEM NOW.  KYAGULANYI COULD HELP YOU DO IT.  BUT WATCH OUT FOR HIS SAFETY.

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