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Michael Ogwal remanded in prison while Aron Baguma and Felix Kawesi enjoy museveni’s protection

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First published August 22, 2016 by Change of Guards blog.
In his efforts to personalize the Uganda Police, Museveni has successfully managed to systematically eliminate personnel from those regions that traditionally dominated it.  To achieve this, he has had to apply broad day nepotism, discrimination, sectarianism, and favoritism in terms of recruitment, specialized training, deployment, promotions, disciplinary action, transfers, and retirement.

Consequently, the entire police top leadership is predominantly comprised of people from one sub-region of the country while regions like Greater Kampala (Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, Entebbe), the Cattle Corridor and the Oil Region have been ring-fenced against Police Commanders from other regions. Following an outcry from a number of Police Officers over unfair treatment and rampant nepotism.

The Inspector General of Government (IGG) commenced investigations into the matter but unfortunately these inquiries wont produce any tangible outcome owing to interference by ‘orders from above’.  What is clear is that the machinations going on in the police force are politically motivated to strengthen the force as the coercive arm of the Museveni regime.

To appreciate the above arguments, take a look at the some of the incidents here-below:

On 18th May 2016 at Kagogo Coffee factory in Rukungiri, Joel Singenda was murdered by a mob after he was suspected to be a thief.  The Police subsequently arrested 13 people in connections with the murder.  The District CID chief Michael Ogwal and the officer investigating the case, Frank Turamye released two of the 16 suspects.

Michael Ogwal and Frank Turamye were arrested and charged with being Accessory After the Fact to Murder and were put on the same Charge Sheet with the 14 who were facing Murder charges.  On 13th July the Grade One Magistrate in Rukungiri granted bail to Police Officers, Michael Ogwal and Frank Tumuramye but the DPP petitioned the High Court which reversed the Magistrate’s decision, cancelled the bail for the two before remanding them in prison.

In February 2012 city businessman Wilberforce Wamala was murdered together with his houseboy. Initial efforts to frustrate the investigation by AIGP Felix Kawesi were frustrated by the widow hired a private detective who arrested a key suspect, Hassim Ssali who in turn provided very vital information.  Ssali recorded an extra judicial statement that incriminated AIGP Felix Kawesi as having acted on behalf of a one Jolly Kasande – an ex girlfriend to the late Wilberforce Wamala with whom they had a daughter. That very evening, Ssali was murdered in a Police cell.

The police initially claimed that Ssali had committed sucide by hanging though there were other suspects in the same cell who did not notice the sucide.  It took the intervention of the Magistrate at Makindye to order for an autopacy that revealed that Ssali had been murdered at his body hanged thereafter.  AIGP Kawesi who is reported to have been a boy friend to  Jolly Kasande it was revealed used the Flying Squad operatives to Murder Wamala, the Houseboy and suspect Hassim Ssali.

The widow appealed to Museveni, the Minister of Internal Affairs, the IGP, the DG-ISO but instead AIGP Kawesi was moved from the Directorate of Operations to Human Resource so as to remove him from the public eye.  Now that the regime feels that the storm had subsided Museveni has elevated him to the responsibility of re-branding the police.

In June 2016, in Isingiro district IGP Kalekyezi connived AIGP Felix Kawesi to deploy Police on a disputed piece of land where four people were shot and injured by the police.  The injured had proprietary interest in the said land but instead their rival who are Banyarwanda – going by their names (Ntambara, Karegyeya, Sebigombe, Karamuzi, Rushaija) had the backing of the police.  Actually, Ntambara (‘war’ in Kinyarwanda) who is a relative of Kawesa and also an informer to IGP Kalekyezi is the one who contacted IGP Kalekyezi to establish a police post on the disputed land.  The matter was swept under the carpet.

In September 2015 the then Police Commander of Kampala, Aron Baguma together with others Murdered Betty Katusabe. Upon payment of 100M shillings by one of the prime suspects (Mohamad Ssebuwufu) to the Regional CIID Kampala, Rebeca Namugenyi and was not only released but attempts to turn the murder into a mob justice were made.

Rebecca Namugenyi was removed from office yet her case is more grave than that of Michael Ogwal in Rukungiri who is on remand.  Both the DPP and Buganda Road Court have for close to a year now been pleading with the Police to have Aron Baguma arrested for the same murder to no avail and instead Museveni has continued to take him through rapid promotions, training and deployment.

In Mid July KM Police Commander, Godfrey Kahebwa and his Regional CIID, Benon Nayebare acting on orders of the IGP, Gen. Kalekyezi blocked a court’s Eviction Order for a piece of land in Bwebajja.  Instead, they arrested, detained for five days and charged the Bailiffs with trumped up charges of malicious damage to property.

The Court Bailiff instituted private criminal proceedings against the two senior police officers before the court issued Criminal Summons over disobedience of lawful orders and obstruction of justice for September 5th, 2016.  Again before the High Court, another Criminal Summons was issued for disobedience of lawful orders for 30th August 2016. Obviously, like is the case with his own case and that of SP Baguma, IGP Kalekyezi will not surrender them for the law to take its course.

On 3rd August, 2016 the Masaka Regional Police Commander, Maxwell Ogwal and his District Police Commander, John Mwaule acting on written orders from State House aided the kidnap of former Masaka Municipality Mayor, John Tebyasa Matovu who is still missing.  The victim’s wife rushed to court which in turn ordered the two senior police officers to appear before it with the body of the victim.

The two ignored the court order compelling the court to order the IGP to compel his two subordinate officers to appear before it.  Because the matter involved Ogwal and not Baguma, Kahebwa,Twinamasiko or Mwesigwa, the IGP in his August 18th letter ordered Ogwal to appear before the court.  Ogwal complied and told court that he acted in accordance with the directives contained in the State House letter for police to provide security for the victim’s kidnappers which he did.  At the same hearing, Ogwal pleaded with Court to compel the RDC to produce the victim.

In June 2016. the IGP suspended ACP Sam Omalla who had been the Deputy Commander of FFU for Busoga and Masaba region on grounds that during the last NRM primaries in October 2015, the officers under his command had fired live bullets and teargas. Sam Omalla had earlier been the FFU commander for Kampala where he excelled for tormenting the opposition leaders.  This is another classic example of selective reprimand of security officers targeting those from other regions while protecting the ‘home boys’. He is still on suspension and crying foul as he gambles with instituting civil proceedings against the IGP which action will obviously earn him the worst wrath.

That is the situation at the Animal Farm.


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