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LOCUSTS are ruining my life – True Story (PHOTOS)

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Photo of Martha Leah Nangalama’s chicken coup in Moncton area, Canada
Theodore Nangalama – copyright by Martha Leah Nangalama

Pumpkin Lefranc – copyright Thierry Lefranc

Theodore Nangalama – copyright by Martha Leah Nangalama

Pumpkin Lefranc – copyright by Thierry Lefranc

Pumpkin Lefranc – copyright by Martha Leah Nangalama

Martha Leah Nangalama’s car – copyright by MLN

Yesterday, a swarm of locusts descended on our backyard. Quick, let us go get food. I run out with this net to trap the little bastards and roast them in the fire to store food for hard times. With this current panic over #CoronaVirus, one never knows. We might run out of food.

Quick, I let the chicken out of the coop to go feast as I am gathering the bugs to roast and store.

I let Theodore and Pumpkin out to also eat natural protein. Pumpkin is going all over the place trying to grab a bird or two. Pumpkin loves catching flying birds and killing them, then eating them. Or she brings them as trophies to the door step purring like “Look, I just caught us supper”.

Now, Theodore is running around like he is possessed by some spirit and barking at the poor locusts and I am thinking, “grab a few and eat instead of scaring them away”.

Mr. Tony NoneOfYourBizWaks is yelling from the living room “Nangi, hurry up or we are gonna miss our plane to Uganda”. Tony, please get a life. I must harvest the locusts in Canada first before I go harvest the ones in Uganda. Please tell the plane to wait for me.

Imagine my shock when I was jolted out of my sleep with a phone call at 2am from Uganda. Who even calls anyone at 2am? The phone call was from one of my friends who said “you have been writing about locusts a lot but we are still waiting for them and where are they”?

That was a wasted sleep but the DREAM was real though. If you look at the weather we are having over here, no damn locust will invade Canada.

** If you like my stories, remember that I sometimes write about serious things. Just eat the locusts. They taste like nsenene and enswa.

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