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Learning new skills during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown

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My dear friends, enemies and followers, my construction boots have decided to pack it in. I am in need of a pair of new or barely used steel toed boots for ladies. I am size 8.
Moncton is now in the Red Zone and whoever is willing to give me a pair has to be in the Moncton area as we are not allowed to travel outside our zones.
Many of you are kind hearted people who share. I am hoping that if you are reading this message and you have a pair of steel toed boots lying around, you will donate to my cause.
What is my cause? I am embarking on a restoration project. Think of it as redoing the roof and fixing things in our family’s home. I already have a Pink Construction hat, plus the goggles, gloves and tools. The fact that I have never worked in construction nor that I am not a licensed contractor should not worry you. There are 3 men in our community (also Route 132) who will be supervising me while I work. To ensure that I don’t fall off the roof and break my back or neck.
If you would like to help me but you are not in the Red Zone of Moncton area, I have a courier account with Purolator and I can arrange for Purolator to pick up the pair of boots from you and deliver it to my home.
I would like to thank you for being community minded. Many times, we throw things away which other people could use. We need to learn to share and recycle. 
By the way, I have been thrifting for the last 3 months. Sally Anne. Value Village. Vestaire. But for some reason, no one seems to be donating steel toed boots. Here is your chance to be the first one to donate and donate to a good cause. 
Jesus Christ!! I was thinking of taking the Carpentry Program at New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) but can you believe how much they charge and for how long? It is only around CAD $4,000 but they ask for Geometry. What’s up with Geometry? Can’t one get a diploma and a job without knowing Maths? Time is not a factor. We are in a pandemic and not many of us are going anywhere so we might as well learn new skills during this lockdown. MLN


Woodstock September 2021 (Blended Delivery) Domestic | International
St. Andrews September 2021 (Blended Delivery) Domestic | International
Moncton September 2021 (Blended Delivery) Domestic | International
Saint John September 2021 (Blended Delivery) Domestic | International
Miramichi September 2021 (Blended Delivery) Domestic | International

Program Overview
Carpentry is a performance-driven career. Carpenters work with their hands to construct, erect, install, and repair structures and fixtures for residential and light commercial use. In addition to practical skills such as framing walls, siding and drywall installation, constructing wooden forms for pouring concrete, and erecting scaffolding, you’ll also learn about codes, standards, and quality concepts that apply to carpentry. As experts in home and business improvement, carpenters are called upon to make dreams possible and lives easier and more enjoyable.

The requirements for this certificate program may be achieved within one academic year of full-time study.

Admission Requirements
Profile A

High School Diploma or Adult High School Diploma or GED Diploma of High School Equivalency or Essential Skills Achievement Pathway: Post-Secondary Entry High School Diploma
NB Francophone High School Math Equivalencies
International Student Admission Equivalencies

Career Possibilities
As a graduate, you may find employment with general contractors, interior and exterior sub-contractors or framing contractors. You will be prepared for entry-level work with small or large residential or commercial construction companies.

Find career possibilities related to this program in Career Coach.

Specific Considerations
This occupation requires physical fitness, good coordination, and strong math skills, including geometry, algebra and some trigonometry. The hours of work may be irregular and may include shift work, weekends, and holidays.

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