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LEADERSHIP: Worst boss I ever had

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I was age 22 in under grad but working as a student manager for a company which had 68 unionized employees.

My schedule was evenings and weekends when the top bosses are off.

This woman used to berate me in front of all the staff about very minor things because she had power.

One time, I told her “please at least take me into your office, close the door and yell at me”.

Foaming at her mouth like a dog with rabies “I am your boss. I can do anything I want. I can fire you today and replace you tomorrow. Never challenge me”.

That day, I left work early. Jumped into my car, got home, shut off my phone.  We had a banquet of some 400 people and I was supposed to be in charge.

I then looked into my “Boss” and found out that she had a 2yr diploma from one of the local technical colleges.  I was in my undergrad of a Business Degree. Soon, I realised that maybe she had an inferiority complex.

What is interesting is despite the daily abuses, I kept working while completing my degree. 

My resignation letter was something like “This job is the only one you have.  Your husband works for GE, they will soon shut down. I am going for my masters degree and I will never have to put up with abusive bosses like you”.

This woman had abused me so much that even when I had not thought about quitting a well paying job to continue with school, I was frustrated to the point where I had to quit.  I hope she is happy now in her unemployment.

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