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How to destroy a nation

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Mansions are built on solid foundations.  So are countries and economies.

Destroying a nation is very easy.  You must start with the foundation.  The foundation of every nation is education.

Start by under paying teachers or not paying them.  You will soon have to hire school drop outs and give them certificates to teach.

Divide families by turning them against each other for reasons that you know because Divide and Conquer has always worked. Now that children do not trust their parents and elders, they will not listen to them to learn about life.

Take away the land, libraries and computer centres. This way they will not read or research.

When you are done, produce half baked graduates.  Your buildings which engineers build will come collapsing.  Your lawyers will not read the legal documents and will settle most cases out of court.  Your finance ministers will not read the fine print in the IMF agreements.  Your investment and economists will not read the fine print for collateral and payment terms on the money they recommend to borrow.

Your professors will not have the nerve to fight for good pay or salaries on time.  They will resort to selling marks or sex for grades.

Your police and military will not know that Crimes against Humanity are prosecutable internationally and will go on live cameras to brag about how many they killed.

Your diplomats will not realise that they are the face of your country because they did not study International Relations.

Your media will go silent and look for Makerere Guild President elections without realising that the hot news are not some brats campaigning to get funded to become the next set of thieves.  Kill media. Silence voices and dissent.

Then recruit priests, pastors and Muslim clerics to tell your people to praise God or Allah and ask for miracles.

Until that day when you realise that your doctors and nurses should have been trained better had you paid the good lovers of education who teach with a passion.  But say you did produce some wonderful doctors who do God’s work, the sick will tell the doctor that the pastor is praying a miracle for them and they are healed and no longer need medical attention.  Naturally, you will like this since you have already destroyed the medical system.

Until one day when your own get sick and you cannot treat them in the nation.  Or they get into an accident and the local hospital cannot treat them and you cannot fly them to India because it is too late.  You see, you hired thieves who flanked in school and did not realise that every penny unaccounted for can lead to no equipment and medicine in your hospitals.

Say you are lucky.  You do Car Washes to raise money for the sick to fly out and get help from the countries who believe in education and train good medics.  You arrive at the airport to board the plane and sorry, your thieves stole the national airline.

Say you wanna have a baby.  Fly to Hamburg Germany on a private jet and deliver the baby there because Ugandan hospitals are not good enough for you.

Then one day, the ghosts of all the dead come knocking at your door.  Your children are being sold into slavery because no well meaning investor or company can hire them since they are half illiterate.  Being so, they did not read their employment contracts and end up dead.

But say that you want to attract investors and grow the nation.  Your specialists cannot write good project proposals and you walk away from some sh. 267 billion for Climate Change.  Because you destroyed the foundation and ensured people cannot write and hardly read.

Now you claim that you do not know what is going on in the country.  You do know very well.  The country has been destroyed because you destroyed the foundation.

#AprilRevolution is well spelt out in the State of The Nation address by TVO.

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