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FRIENDS ARE A GIFT: Just got off the phone with my friend Ricky Baugh

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My friend Ricky Baugh is an American. I just call him a Gringo and he calls me a Nubian. We are okay with each other.

Ricky and I have been friends since 2013. We met on Facebook and faced many difficulties together (read IDIOTS) and we learned along the way to stand up for justice and never take any prisoners.

In 2013 when Ricky and I first met on Fakebook, Uganda was going through one of them Nazi like situations where they were hunting down LGBTq people and threatening to stone them to death. I stood up for my people. Ricky stood up for me fighting for my people. In fact, all my friends who were not Africans understood that the Gay Bill was a violation of Basic Human Righhts.

Along, we fought. Ugandan lone in Canada. Ricky. My American friends (the Gringos), my friends in Europe and Australia and them other countries which respect Human Rights kept encouraging me to keep up the fight. We knew, as most of you know, that Hitler started with one group and moved onto to the next group until one day there was no one to speak for you. Martin Niemöller.

One of Ricky’s friends posted on Ricky’s Fakebook account about the hospital where Ricky is admitted. I noted it and waited till this day of the Lord aka Sunday to call Ricky.

I dialed 3 numbers and finally got the one where Ricky is. I gave my name as “Martha from Canada Uganda”. Finally, Ricky answers the phone.

He sounded very tired. Likely, he is very ill. However, we managed to talk for maybe 25 minutes. OMG, I gotta learn to talk less. What a sweet sound to hear Ricky’s voice. Weak as it sounded, he was laughing in between punctuation of me saying “Ricky, man, you gotta get better, we all miss you and you should return and annoy us and keep us doing #CommonSense”. He laughed some more.

Finally, we have been talking for a very long time. I promised my beloved friend and brother that I will start a Novena tonight for him. I am not like Roman Catholic or anything like that or even one of them praying people and neither is Ricky but this situation calls for prayers.  We are gonna pray.

Before bidding him Good night, I told him “You are like an angel. I am going to sing you an African song by an African Legend called Miriam Makeba. The song is called Malaika. It is in Swahili. I am going to sing for you you in Swahili. Malaika means Angel. Then I will finish it with the chorus in English”.

I do not remember the last time my voice sounded so clear. I sung from the bottom of my soul. “Malaika, Nakupenda, Malaika, nakupenda. Angel, I love my angel. Angel, you know I love you my angel. Malaika, nakupenda mailaka”.

I will keep you posted because I am gonna be calling the hospital every 2 to 3 days. FRIENDS FOREVER. Thanks Ricky for teaching me that Gringos are good people.


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