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EU is not responsible for atrocities in Africa and theft

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There was a tirade of some sort on Twitter with an article my former news editor had shared that daid the EU is responsible for destablizing Burundi.

Problem is all the videos which show opposition being murdered in Burundi do not show a white person beating up or shooting black people.

The Twitter original tweet was after EU Ambassador Kristian Shimdt.  One Nkurunziza apologist even said Schmidt should resign.

We are talking about EAC countries which get livid when the EU cuts off aid.

African apologists for dictators always say they are sovereign countries must not influence the politics of their countries.  Incidentally they are the first ones to complain when EU suspends aid.

You want to be sovereign and rule your house, then reject all funding from the EU.

Some pumbafu went as far as saying I am ignorant and praise EU.

I am on record for lambasting Schmidt and Malac about how their govts support atrocities in The Great Lakes Region but not once would I dare say “get the hell out!”.

We have severe human rights violations in the region so when EU and US use their donations to our policies, it is because money talks and bull shit walks.

Perhaps the reason why they maintain diplomatic relations using money to tell our dictators “our money comes with conditions.” Human Rights.

Africans also claim that Europe and US only want their minerals.  But you give your minerala away and your leaders have off shore accounts while your people die of hunger and preventable / treatable diseases.

You cannot claim that you want no interference when your funders only ask you to stop killing your people and stealing donor aid.

And they are justified for wanting the same for Africa as their own citizens.

If my attackers from Burundi had used Google, they would have found articles I shared in the past about the minerals in The Great Lakes Region.  But seems that Twitter is what thwy believe without further research.

Go ahead and attack Schmidt and Malac and you make a huge mistake. They are not the enemies. Au Contraire, they are friends we can work with to influence policies.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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