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ENTERTAINMENT: Madea Goes to Jail VS Museveni Came From The Bush

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There is this fantastic part of the film when Madea is in jail and kinda gets herself in trouble as usual with the radio mouth. Then, since she was older, she talks to one of the younger girls in jail who kept complaining about why she was in jail because of her parents.

Madea addresses that young girl and all of them. “Your parents gave you life. Your parents did what they could at that time.  Your parents knew no better except what they knew then.  You cannot go through your life blaming your parents who gave you life. You own your life now and cannot blame anyone else”.

I kinda paraphrashed up above but if you could watch that movie and see the amount of work that went into it. 

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni stated “If you are unemployed, then your parents did not plan for you. Parents should plan for their children. Ugandan youth are unemployed because their parents did not plan for them.  ‘My children will never be unemployed.  They get their degrees then come to manage their wealth. At least Uganda youth, I immunized them”.

How many of Museveni’s children attended a university in Uganda? How many of his children has he sold to Arabs as slaves? How many of his children have been kicked off their land at gun point? How many of his children are treated in Uganda hospitals if they should get malaria? God forbid a Massacre accident like his sister Dr. Kajubiri who was airlifted and KCCA’s Agaba died in a ward in a hospital whose medics had gone months unpaid with no equipment to work with and…the end.

How many of Museveni’s children have had children in Uganda hospitals? Can anyone in the Museveni immediate family show us their birth certificates indicating being born in Uganda?  In fact, there is a global story to this date saying one of Museveni’s daughters was flown on the Gulf Stream to Germany to born a baby. OLD story.

In your right mind you think that Military Dictator Yoweri Museveni is advising you better?  That your parents are the ones who did not plan for you and  that is why you are unemployed?  This RUBBISH needs a joint. 

Madea goes to jail is a better film to watch than Museveni came from the bush.

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

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