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EDUCATION: Wikipedia is useless – Keep your kids away from Wiki

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To understand why I am putting Wiki on notice, first of all, maybe call lawyer Mabirizi. That guy can sue anyone. Who has his mobile phone? Please. Thanks.

So, the world is burning. The Arctic is melting. Dictators in Africa are killing millions of people? I think I could add some more world atrocities. However, I am still also in Lockdown and I think it is something like 187 days.

OMG!! You mean it has been that long? From March 18, 2020 to now September 21, 2020.

Now that we know that 187 days locked up is abnormal, let us see what Wikipedia posted today as the article of the day. CAN YOU BELIEVE this shit? WIKIPEDIA ARE SADISTS!!!

Wikipedia article of the day for September 21, 2020 Bat

The Wikipedia article of the day for September 21, 2020 is Bat.
Bats, of the order Chiroptera, are the only mammals capable of sustained flight. Their wings, spread-out fingers covered by a thin membrane, make them more manoeuvrable than birds. Bats range in size from Kitti’s hog-nosed bat, weighing 2–2.6 g (0.07–0.09 oz), to the giant golden-crowned flying fox, up to 1.6 kg (4 lb) with a wingspan of up to 1.7 m (5 ft 7 in). The second largest order of mammals after rodents, bats comprise about 20% of all mammal species, with over 1,200 species distributed across the world. Most bats are nocturnal. They are mostly insect- and fruit-eaters, but some are carnivorous, such as vampire bats. Some are important for pollinating flowers and dispersing seeds; others consume insect pests, reducing the need for pesticides. Bats harbour the agents of many communicable diseases, such as rabies and coronaviruses. They are often associated with darkness, malevolence, vampires, and death.

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