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EDUCATION: Why I skipped out of my school reunion from

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I also skipped the school reunion for UWC Lester B Pearson College ( is not because my friends in both schools used to annoy me.  But some did though. I also skip all the reunions for University of Toronto (

What happens is these reunions bring everyone back to talk about the great things we have done for our communities since we graduated.  Being a graduate from 3 schools in Canada, a lot is expected.

My former school mates are doctors, bankers, policy makers, investors. I am none of those things.

What happens is when you go to the best schools in the world, if you do not pay attention to your home, you might just forget who you are.

In October 2000 while my father was dying, on his death bed, he said “Mayi ukhebilila isi wama tta. Ukhebilila ingo tta” === My mother Leah, never forget where you come from.  Never forget your people.

I buried my father, a great gentleman.  When I flew back to Canada, I remembered his words.

Consequently, I cannot spend $5,000 to fly to some school reunion while my people are dying of hunger.  In fact, most of my friends from school understand this well.  Uganda has got an incredible amount of poverty and suffering and it would not be right for me to use the money to attend a school reunion.

As a matter of fact, Uganda has terrible medical care.  The country has pathetic education. Uganda has no social security.  You are the social security for your entire village. You are the pension for your parents and other elders.  You are the one to pay education for your relatives (the clan).  The financial obligations are massive.  So, were I to choose to go to every school union, who would help my people?

I miss my friends terribly.  I would give anything to see them again.

What I am going through is no different from being in Mt. St, Mary’s Namagunga, school of the richest kids while I was the poorest one in that school.  I always remembered that even in that school, I still had responsibilities back in Bududa.  I worked my butt off to get top grades.  Now, when I look at kids in Namagunga, they are ENTITLED.  What a calamity!

University of Toronto
Trent University Canada
UWC Lester B. Pearson College Canada

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