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EDUCATION: Canadian university applications now online – @LokomoPeter @RugyendoQuotes

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The applications are for Academic year 2020 September entry.  I am including the link for all the ones in Canada pointing at Programs and Scholarships.

The link is for all Canadian Universities and the few scholarships you see on this link are not University specific.  Every university in Canada has its own scholarships besides the few you see.

There are maybe 5% of the universities which will have their online applications only ready next month (October) but so far, what I have been checking says 95% are already online for applications.

The reason why the universities put up their online applications after mid September is because our academic year starts in September and schools have to process the new batch that just started this September before working on the batch for next year.

You need to pay attention to the deadlines.  From past experience, International students should not stick to the deadlines on the University website. The deadlines tend to be March to June of the next year.  Some universities state deadlines for International students but many only mention the deadlines for Canadian residents.

Ideally, African students should hold December 15th as their deadline.  Most of the merit scholarships will be allocated by the time you apply in March  to June.  This time period is because in Canada, students do not finish high school (think of it as A levels) till June.  And that is the time when they will have their final transcripts.

However, even most kids in Canada apply early using the transcripts of their current grade (class) and then get CONDITIONAL admission.  This is also done by many international students so the Conditional Admission is not only reserved for students in Canada.

Your scholarship, no matter what you have in mind tends to be called “Financial Aid” in Canada.  When you are applying, you indicate if you will need Financial Aid.  This would be the scholarship.  Nevertheless, just locate every damn scholarship and try to apply.

NOW, on Application Fees. I generally tell people to find 5 schools which offer the program they wanna study AND offer scholarships (aka Financial Aid).  Then narrow down to 3 schools and apply to those 3.  However, it is crucial that you find an intersection of 5 first.

You will need to keep in mind the immigration requirements for the student study permit (student visa) for Canada.  Here is the link.

Finally.  In Canada, all International students are now allowed to work. On campus and off campus. I think it is something like 20hrs a week. Your student permit (student visa) automatically qualifies you to work while in school.

After you finish your degree, you are given a work permit for full time work for 3yrs.

To remain in Canada after studying here, you need only 2yrs of fulltime work experience in Canada. EXTRAPOLATE.  Because after the PR (Permanent Residence) which you will have gotten after your working here, you qualify for Citizenship.

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