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Don’t be deceived by current arrests of small people for corruption

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The people you are seeing in media being sacrificial lambs are not the real thieves.  They are being put on display for the donors and funders who demand that President Gen. Yoweri Museveni reigns in corruption.

The big thieves are still in control.

Remember that NRA (National Robbers’ Army) and NRM (National Robbers’ Movement) were built on theft.

NRA / NRM started by stealing cassava from those ignorant people in Luweero who are no starving and stole their chicken.  These thugs got more powerful and raided a barracks and stole ammunition and a pile of guns.

They were so hungry and desperate then they moved onto robbing banks.

In 1986 when you all jubilated for them “liberating” you, I proceeded to find my way out of Uganda because there was nothing good that was gonna be produced by them.

They soon stole all the banks, cooperatives and parastatals claiming privatization as they divided up among themselves the loot.

Byandala is not the one who stole the Mukono Katosi Road money.  I previously published about how Tumwebaze and his wife stole that money and Tumwebaze knows this well even Dr. Tamale Mirundi called him out on it.  However, Byandala was so arrogant he slapped someone in public so he can rot in Luzira all he wants because Karma is a bitch.

Hon. John Amama Mbabazi did not steal the $140 million for Karamoja via OPM.  The thief is currently now persecuting everyone who calls her an airhead.

If you really want to see who the thieves in the government are, ask questions.  Do you know how Uganda looked when an audit showed that 430 million Euros had vanished with no trace from The Global Fund and to this day there is still no trace.  You are all lucky that donors are so forgiving for this is something that should never have been forgiven.

Ask where the $140 million for Karamoja went.  These are big numbers so we need to follow the paper trail.

So you arrest people for 100 bucks but not the big ones that you promote and make ministers.  OR..the GAVI funds.  Was that part of The Global Fund Theft and you made every thief of it a minister.  The world will judge you.

Then we have the internal theft of Ugandans.  Was it Musisi who tried to evict a 5 star general out of a house saying the house belonged to government?

Uganda has 7 high end residential areas we call hills around Kampala.  I lived in Nakasero and Mbuya.

Dr. Obote and Gen. Amin built affordable residences in and around Kampala for people who were even only earning income from Owino market.  Nakasero, Kololo, Makindye, Mbuya, Mutungo, Bugolobi, etc.

Why do you not ask what happened to all the residences which were built in these places for Ugandans?  All the residences were taken over by the imposters who claim they “liberated” us and gave us sleep while they move in convoys and talk to the public in bullet proof set ups.

If you think Museveni is the best president you have ever had, then you should have met Dr. Obote or Gen. Amin.  Education was great.  Health care was for everyone.  Neither of them flew their families abroad for medical treatment.  They hired professionals in their fields unlike these rif rafs who cannot even calculate a kilowat for biofuel.  Neither president sold university graduates as slaves to the Arabs.  They actually did better.  They sent students abroad for further training irregardless of tribe and when the kids returned, they got good jobs.  Love them or hate them but Dr. Obote and Gen. Amin were Ugandans and true patriots.

Back to all the apartments and complexes around Kampala.  Who now owns them because we know that Uganda does not own them.  When push comes to shove, you shall give back everything you have stolen from Ugandans.  Make no mistake about it.  Amin was superbly kind.  He gave 90 days. Do not expect the same for you have unleashed an incredible suffering on Ugandans for decades and you shall pay.

Martha Leah Nangalama


Minister Byandala beats up journalist

Thursday March 24 2016 Advertisement By EPHRAIM KASOZI Kampala- Minister without Portfolio Abraham James Byandala, who is on trial for alleged corruption, yesterday turned court premises into a battle ground when he punched a female television journalist outside the court.

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