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COVID-19 has hit our parents and elders the hardest

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Naturally, every death is painful. The person who has died might be your grandpa, your grandma, your mother, your father, a brother to siblings, a sister to cousins, an auntie to many nephews and nieces, a grand child to elders, a colleague at work, a church friend, a community friend or volunteer, a teacher, a doctor, a nurse or even your professor from school.

THEREFORE, announcing death numbers is nothing short of NARCISM: “Uganda has only had one death so we are okay”. 

“America has handled this pandemic very well because only 200,000 people have died. MAGA”

Even in the worst wars of our human existence on this planet, no one has ever gone on live camera and said “only one person died”. ….. “Only 90,000 have died. We are doing okay”…… “Diseases killed millions of people in the past pandemics so only 200,000 dying means we are doing an excellent job”.

Lives have been devastated. Lives are being decimated daily. AND you are there in Oman working as a hotel receptionist telling me “Covid is a joke. Just a hoax. It is only to kill the American economy and you are gonna feel it baby. You are gonna lose all your assets. MARK MY WORDS”.

Wait, I better find out what the situation is in Oman as a hotel attendant. MUJOOGA. Atte temulina magezi. MLN


Certainly…. I will add on after I hear from those people who always feel like they must give me their useless opinions. As if their parents paid for my education. Mtcheeeew!!

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