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#CanadaDecides on October 21, 2019 – @HeBobiWine @MugishaMuntu @SejuDav

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MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA – I am only going to vote for Jagmeet Singh because my friends on Social Media think he will make a better Prime Minister.  

I have no idea who my local future MP is for the government of PM Jagmeet Singh but I am going by what my friends on Social Media are saying about Jagmeet Singh.  THIS IS THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA.  
Coincidentally, I just did a Google search of who is running in our riding under the NDP flag and just located him.  His name is Jéan-Marc Bélanger.
VOTE or forever hold your silence.

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Your candidates for Beauséjour

Conservative Party of Canada

The who

Vincent Cormier

Vincent Cormier, Conservative Party of Canada, Beauséjour.
The resume

Born and raised in St-Paul Kent County, N.B., Vincent has spent his whole life living in the Beauséjour riding. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, loving husband, father and, most of all, proud grandfather.
How people might know him

Vincent is well known in his community as a businessman. He has spent the majority of his life providing value to his customers, a living wage to his employees and prosperity for the communities he operated in.
What’s the main issue facing your riding this election and what needs to be done?

What the people of Beauséjour have been telling us is that for far too long, they have been neglected and taken for granted by the current government. They want a representative that will fight for them in Ottawa.
What issue makes your riding unique?

Our people is what makes our riding unique. Beauséjour has some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. Companies from all over hire our people for their skills and work ethics. We need to create high-paying opportunities here in Beauséjour so our people don’t have to leave.
To recap

Vincent Cormier is the Conservative Party of Canada in Beauséjour. Known as a businessman, he says people in the riding tell him they’ve been taken for granted by the government. The riding is made unique by the work ethic of the people, he says.

Liberal Party of Canada

The who

Dominic LeBlanc

Dominic LeBlanc, Liberal Party of Canada, Beauséjour (incumbent)
The resume

I live in Grand-Digue, N.B., and am a lawyer by profession.
What people may or may not know

I love being outdoors, whether on the Northumberland Strait in my boat or snowmobiling in winter. New Brunswick is blessed with so much to enjoy so I take advantage of being outdoors as often as I can. It’s a great way to recharge, relax and stay healthy.
What’s the main issue facing your riding this election and what needs to be done?

We must continue to protect our seniors, create better jobs and opportunities so our young people can make a life here. We have seen our climate change right before our eyes and we have a plan that works to support our future generations.
What issue makes your riding unique?

Beauséjour is a microcosm of Canada. It is both urban and rural, French and English, dependent on both natural resources like fishing, and small and medium-sized businesses from fish processors to window makers and everything in between.
To recap

Dominic LeBlanc is the Liberal incumbent in Beauséjour. He says protecting seniors and creating opportunities for you are the main issues facing riding that he considers a microcosm for the country.

People’s Party of Canada

The who

Nancy Mericer

Nancy Mercier, People’s Party of Canada, Beauséjour

The resume

Originating from Campbellton, N.B., Nancy and her husband Mike have made Shediac their home since 1998. Their ties to the community involve a past construction business and volunteer involvement in operating a not-for-profit or religious and educational organization.
What people may or may know

An interfaith minister and naturopath, Nancy’s decision to enter politics is rooted in her deep concern that our economy, culture, and freedoms are in jeopardy. Outspoken and assertive, she’ll say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.
What’s the main issue facing the riding this election and what needs to be done?

My main focus, besides healthcare and immigration, is cleaning the waterways in Beauséjour, especially the sewage pollution at Parlee Beach and everywhere else in Canada.
What issue makes your riding unique?

I advocate for persons with disabilities, for better end-of-life care and more alternative health care services, like Medavie’s Extra-Mural Program. As a quadriplegic from a spinal cord injury, I have greatly benefited from Extra-Mural’s home-based healthcare services.
To recap

Nancy Mercier is the People’s Party of Canada candidate in Beauséjour. Involved in her community in different ways, including as an interfaith minister, she says the biggest issues in the riding are healthcare, immigration and clean waterways. A quadriplegic with a spinal cord injury, she advocates for persons with disabilities.

Green Party of Canada

The who

Laura Reinsborough

Laura Reinsborough, Green Party of Canada, Beauséjour
The resumé

Born and raised in Sackville, N.B., I moved back home four years ago to help make a difference here. I have a masters degree from York University. Most recently, I have been the director of a provincial food security organization. I have been on leave from this role since June so that I may fully dedicate myself as candidate for MP.
What people may or may not know about me

It has always been important to me to serve the communities I live in, and to work in areas that help create positive change. I believe that climate change requires bold, innovative government action; and the Green Party platform has a solid vision for what can be achieved.
What’s the main issue facing your riding this election and what needs to be done?

There is no one issue because our riding is so diverse. I’ve been knocking on doors since June, hearing directly from the people. I hear concerns about health care, pensions, support for veterans, and ensuring we leave a livable planet for future generations.
What issue makes your riding unique?

The Beauséjour riding is unique for its incredible linguistic and cultural diversity. We are bordered by the ocean, and our economy is strongly linked to it. The whole riding is unceded Mi’kmaq land governed by the peace and friendship treaties.
To recap

Laura Reinsborough is the Green Party of Canada candidate in Beauséjour. She believes climate change requires bold action. On the doorstep, she’s hearing concerns about health, pensions and veteran supports. She says linguistic and cultural diversity makes the riding unique.

The following candidates are also on the ballot in Beauséjour but did not respond to requests for comment:

New Democratic Party of Canada

Jéan-Marc Bélanger

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