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Canada must fix the student loan/grant system – @JustinTrudeau @Gov_NB @pcnbca

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Dear Hon. Premier Justin Trudeau,

In follow up to my past communication regarding how the Province of New Brunswick is demanding that University students take a form to their University to be filled in, I have more information.

Last year (2019), when my daughter joined Ryerson University (from Moncton High School), we faced this siliness of Ryerson U must complete “Program of Study”. In September 2019 in Natasha’s first year at University when she was age 18, the government of New Brunswick insisted that she gets this form filled in. Which did not even happen. I had to call Fredericton NB and talk to the NB Student Financial Administrators. Back when there were humans answering phones.

Along came Corona. Canada locked down schools and Ryerson went online. So did University of Toronto where I had another kid. Rebecca was in her final year and more mature so she dealt with the online learning. Tasha had just turned age 19 and she was thrown off track. Ryerson?? Why? Tasha should have gone to University of Toronto or Trent University. She should have taken Business Administration or Computer Science.

One day you will meet Natasha. She is one of the most gentle people on earth. When I asked her why she insisted on Ryerson University and not Dalhousie, Trent or UofT, she said “I want to become a Dietician. Ryerson offers the best program in Food and Nutrition in Canada. I do not want to learn about business or computers. I want to help people to eat healthy”.

Of course you will ask me why I did not save up money for college. Because, I am not in the top 1% of Canadians who earn over $250,000 per year. Kids cost money. We must buy Pampers or Huggies. When they get to school age, we must pay for Music lessons, soccer, basketball, badminton (Natasha is an Atlantic Gold Medal holder in Badminton), volleyball, guitar, voice lessons, school friend birthday presents, treats at Magnetic Hill Zoo.

Basically, raising a child costs money. A lot of it. I have stories. Camping. Catechism. Communion. Trips to their countries of origin. Do you know how expensive it is to fly a family to Lisieux? Then triple that cost to fly the family to Entebbe or Johannesburg. So, what you do not teach the kids, the parents are paying a price. We even no longer have any savings or assets. Everything is gone. Poof! Covid is an equalizer.

So, this government I pay taxes to which I vote for cannot tell New Brunswick or Ryerson University that “exactly why do you want a Program of Study when kids are learning online and cannot even get a meeting with their faculty to get any documents signed”??? THEREFORE, I will tweet daily until the Government of Blaine Higgs fixes the system.

My child, Cheeky Monkey, could have been the first Black Woman Premier of Canada. You have killed that dream. She could become a great Dietitian. You are killing this dream too. In future, I will vote for the Green Party. At least they are compassionate unlike……


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