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CANADA: @JustinTrudeau and @premierbhiggs promise of helping Canadian students is fake

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Canada is a great country and I am on record for saying this. Google it. However, there are few minor things we could fix.
On Friday, September 18, 2020, I went to our local post office to get mail. Listen, in our village, no one gets mail delivered to their house. Apparently we are a “rural community” and we have to drive to the local convenience store or to the Shediac Main Post Office to get our mail. Canada Post totally sucks by the way.
I get the mail and I open the letter addressed to my teenager who is now in her second year of University at a school I dare not mention.
Canadian Universities opened up this September with most kids learning online. Then here is the letter from the Government of New Brunswick telling my child that she must take this form to her university and get the university to complete this form of PROGRAM OF STUDY.
I think this is where sometimes we must ask ourselves. 
1) Who voted for you?
2) Who put you in a position of leadership and power?
3) Are you aware that most higher education institutions are running online and kids cannot even go into their libraries, gyms and other facilities because of Covid?
4) Do you seriously like your job? Because if you did, you would not tell a kid to go to the school (in lockdown) to get forms completed!!!
This is insane. That you can be in charge of futures of our children and you lack basic #CommonSense?
MLN lives in Canada. I am from Uganda. I am passionate about education. Government people, please stop frustrating our children. They already have to deal with very demanding professors. I voted for Hon. Blaine Higgs this month as the Premier of New Brunswick. However, I think now, I should not have voted for him. I should have voted Liberals because of JT.
I am very angry. Let me even tag one of my best professors in life. Prof. Stephen Regoczei. In one of Professor Regoczei’s computer science classes, I asked a dumb question. Then shit hit the fan. “Martha, did you think about it before you asked that question? I am not here to teach you to memorize things. I am here to teach you to think. To teach you to use your brain. To prepare you for your future. To help you learn to be a good community citizen”.

That night, I went home and cried. I wrote up an email “You mean my parents sent me to school to learn to think? No way. I think you should just give me the answers and all will be okay. I am in university to memorize, cram and pass the damn exams.” …. Dramatized a bit though.

I deleted the email because I forgot to hit SEND before I fell asleep after spending 3 days in the damn Trent University Computer Lab. Me, I have seen days.

There is a saying that goes like this. “When the student is ready, the teacher will show up. When the student has learned well, the teacher will vanish”. 

However, throughout life, if you think about every teacher you ever had in your life, you will find out that they were hard on you in school because they expected a lot from you. In fact, they knew you more than you knew yourself as a teenager.
They wanted you to become a better person. They prepared you for life so that you could become a Problem Solver and not an eternal complainer. 
Thanks Prof. Regoczei. I still count my blessings that you did not teach me when I joined University of Toronto. Thank you. Thank you.

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