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CANADA: Community / Rural / Village life is a treat & curse

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Anyway, I am still livid at the people on my village, Route 132, for complaining on Fakebook about Theodore and then calling the Popos on me about our 3 legged dog.

There is only one 3 legged dog in the Shediac area. And everyone knows Theodore Nangalama.

I am still evaluating if they called the cops because of a 3 legged dog because he tears through their garbage looking for white people’s food (I feed him African food) OR my neigbhours called the cops because I am the only black person here.

I could write about racism in Canada. Another day though.

Anyway, today, one of my house mates told me to make sumbusas (samsozas). I replied to him or Cheeky Monkey (currently have 3 housemates) “let me step outside and smoke my joint. Then I will cook”.

Imagine my shock when I step outside with Theodore on a leash (he costs me $145 every time he runs away.

Theodore is a hound. “Hunting for food”. He is brown.

Except, Theodore is too spoilt. We are sitting outside and these 2 deers grazing at one of my neighbours house. 

MLN: Theodore, that is food. Go hunt for your mom.

He looked at me very funny. Something like “I prefer your African cooking. Besides, they are my cousins.”

Seriously??? Theodore is one of those dogs that will help robbers to escort them out with our TVs and Computers. “You don’t even need them Mom”.


*** I bring up this topic because if you want a best friend, get a dog. They are very loyal friends. Buy your child a pup or kitten. Pets teach kids about compassion. Responsibility. Loyalty. Friendship. Above all, if anyone tries to hurt your child, their dog or cat will hurt the criminal. I think given how many stray dogs and cats we have, we can make an impact and adopt one or two and have our kids learn about COMPASSION & love & loyalty & KINDNESS. When a child demands for a pet, get them a pet. Then tell the child that their pet is now their responsibility. Feed your pet. Take your pet for a daily walk. Brush your pet’s hair. Wash him. Groom your pet. Clean up after your pet. WHEN mom and dad are too busy for you, your pet will be waiting for you to run together. To walk in the forest together. To chase birds together. Your dog (puppie) is your best friend. Your puppie will protect you from all harm and take a bullet for you.

JUST TO SHOW YOU. One time when we were put on planes when we were being transferred from Toronto to Moncton, the plane tried to put Sheba (our German Sheperd) into the cargo section. Our daughter stood up to Air Canada. My friend flies in the cabin with me. Sheba will die in the cargo section. We had a massive snow storm and the Moncton Airport was closed, so the plane landed in Halifax. Then there were buses. So, the bus tried to put Sheba in the luggage department and not in the bus where passengers sit.

My daughter threw a tantrum. She refused. She took her dog onto the bus and at the entrance she said “This is my friend. She is the dog for my sisters and I. It is negative 35 degrees C and if we put Sheba in the luggage compartment on this bus, she will freeze to death. Please, allow my friend to sit with me. Sheba will not be any trouble.”

Annet is superb at convincing people. All the people on the bus said for her to bring Sheba aboard. At 3am, I drive to the Moncton Airport because we had family members who had gotten onto a later flight. I was in a mad rush to know if Sheba was okay coming to her new home. I watched my daughter, her dad and Sheba get off that plane. They were half freezing but okay. It had been 17 degrees C in Toronto when we had left but I had come earlier to Moncton before the rest of the family joined (later flight) and they landed in a freaking snow storm.


I will prolly add on. Naturally. After smoking another joint. 

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