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Bullies get given a foot and take a mile – stop bullies

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When Rebecca was in grade 3, she noticed a little boy chasing a little girl all over the play ground.  Becky is the UN Peace Keeper.  So she stopped the 6yr old boy mid track and asked “buddy, why are you chasing the little girl?”.  The little girl was in Kindergarten and only 5yrs old.

The boy stopped the chase and told Becky “get out of my way.  I am chasing her to get my first kiss from my first true love”.  Becky then tells him “but maybe you should wait till you grow up a bit more and find your true love”.  The chasing ended.

When Natasha got on the school bus on her first day at age 5 for kindergarten, she made her presence known. “My name is Natasha.  Over there is my sister Rebecca.  If anyone of you bullies my sister or tries to bully me, I will beat you up”. She actually got bullied later but “I will fix it my own self”.

Some of you will remember that in January 2017, I wrote about bullies and told Canada and the USA (United States of Africa, believe me it will be soon) that if you accept President Donald Trump’s ban on Mexico and Muslims, he would go for more.  Fast forward, he did things to Canada which is the cousin of USA.  And the Mexico thing got out of hand but now all seems to be okay.  I also told Americans that if he bans immigrants from Muslim countries, Silicon Valley would suffer.  Mind you, most of the biggest Silicon Valley companies were founded by immigrants or kids of immigrants.  But they never stopped to think they could be affected in anyway.  Canada has an open policy for Computer Engineers so welcome home where you only have to love hockey.

He then slams quits the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and some people were shocked.  Was China surprised. Never.  His daughter gets more contracts for her brand with China and Trump becomes great friends with China.  You are still not paying attention.

He flies to Saudi Arabia.  Do you remember that for 911 American Air Space was shut down and Canada and Mexico had to deal with sudden flights banned from landing in USA.  Bush sent Osama Bin Laden family back to Saudi Arabia.  It is said 14 of the 19 attackers for 911 held Saudi Arabia passports.  AND a plane flew back OBL family.

Where was this story going anyway?

Americans are very pretentious people.  Most wars raging in the world are funded by America.  So is terrorism.  Do you know why?  Because war and terrorism is lucrative.  They claim democracy for the world while funding the guy who is killing your village.  Never forget Acholi or Kasese.

One thing admirable about America is their strong institutions though.  Can you imagine after the most recent London attack, the Tramp tweeted “time to bring back the immigration ban” and many on Social Media championed it and praised him for it.  Then he went after the mayor of London.  OMG.  The judges, attorneys and lawyers in USA did us all proud.  They rejected hate mongering.  Who even does that?  Then of course that one journalist, after the Arianna Grande Manchester attack tweeted “I also nearly died when I attended her concert”.  How heartless.  A real journalist with a big media house.  Apparently he did not bother to read that people had died and the city was under lock down.

So most recently some $400 Billion in deals were signed in Saudi Arabia and apparently some $110 Billion was for arms / jets / killer bombs.  Exactly who is Saudi Arabia at war with?  Does Yemen and Syria not teach you lessons?  Even when you think about those God forsaken places like Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, DRCongo, nabalala, America is always selling arms.   And the arms are sold to the despots who murder their own people and brag about it.  Then of course in comes UN, UNHCR or Red Cross to feed the people and cure the sick.  Hypocrites.  I hope thunder strikes you.  The only organisation to perhaps merit praise is MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders).  These ones put their lives in danger and volunteer.

If the United States of America does not stop funding dictators, wars, terror and selling arms to despots, you can be sure that the world will see more terrorist attacks.  Actually what makes this worse is because America is dead set on being the Global Power in everything.  Just watch your back because Russia and China are getting to you.  North Korea is just a school kid who needs his cookies and milk and a nap so he is fluff.

Dear friends in USA, please ask your congress, senate and your president why you fund dictators and killers? Do you not have enough problems of your own?  You pay high taxes which get sent to other countries to kill my people.  That is unforgivable.  Did you even care when hundreds of people were slaughtered in #Kasese in #Uganda and thrown in mass graves?  Actually, you even sent more money to President Yoweri Museveni the next month as though to thank him for having reduced the population of Uganda.  ROT in hell!

Martha Leah Nangalama

Information you might hate but could use.  STOP BEING BULLIES!

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