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Are a you a former student from Africa at

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One of our friends from UWC Lester B, Pearson College (British Columbia, Canada) has written to our Director of Pearson College.

We have a group on WhatsApp. African Pearson College. We are sharing ideas about how we can use our current roles in society and our privileged education for our motherland, Africa.

So, naturally, this project will not take off over night but we are gonna try. Below is Heetan’s letter. Heetan is from South Africa. Nangi (MLN) is from Uganda.


 18 November 2020

Dear Mr. Davis, 

We hope this letter finds you, your loved ones, and the Pearson community in good health. 

We are writing to you as a group of Pearson alumni from the African continent who want to work with Pearson College to support current Pearson students from Africa. We come from major African metropolises to hinterlands and backwoods of the continent. Some of us have returned to our home countries, others have stayed in North America while some have done both. We work in the private, public, and academic sectors with expertise in technology, entrepreneurship, accounting, economics, and economic development, civic engagement, climate policies, and government relations, among many others. Some of us are very involved with the local selection committees; some are donors to Pearson; some are parents to a new generation of UWCers while others have minimal formal contact with Pearson. And yet, the one thing we have in common is that we attended Pearson College. 

We all feel that Pearson College made a major impact on our lives. Yet, we also feel that attending Pearson from another country comes with its own challenges of culture shock, acclimatization, diversity, and economic adversity. Like all Pearson students, we feel the pressures of our families, communities, selection committees, and UWC values. How Pearson students navigate these pressures (sometimes in direct conflict with each other) and how they are supported in this process is critical to our time on campus and post-Pearson life. 

In early November, a small group of Pearson Alumni from the African continent joined a Zoom call to check in with each other. The call evolved to what we can do for the UWC movement and Pearson in particular. We agreed that we would like to dedicate our time to supporting current African students at Pearson. 

We have lived through the Pearson experience and can relate to it; we have struggled with the difficult decision to go home and serve or take an educational opportunity in North America; we have been in conversations where the continent is treated as a country; we have felt the pressure of ‘representing’ an entire nation, and we have also dealt with family pressures and expectations of our own futures. None of these are unique to African students, but we have experienced them as African students. 

What does support and working with the college look like to us? As a first step, we want current students to know we are there for them as guides, mentors, and advisers. We are proposing a Zoom call of current and former Pearson students from Africa in early December to introduce ourselves and let current students know we are there for them. We are happy to break out and talk to students about the university application process if that need, or any other, exists. We are also proposing a second Zoom call in March/April (or even earlier) with the graduating students to discuss their next steps, navigating the post-PC world, and provide a mechanism for them to continue engagement with Pearson and this group of Alumni. 

We are committed to building these intergenerational relationships where we can all learn from and support each other. We hope that Pearson College will consider this offer with the best of intentions on our part to partner with you to make Pearson a better place for everyone. We know we can have an immediate impact on current students, and we look forward to partnering with you in this effort. 

Thank you for all that you and your team do for all Pearson students. 

Warm regards, 

[Name, PC Year, Country of Origin, Country of Residence]

Comfort Nkambule, PC Year 14, eSwatini, South Africa

Kantha Naicker (Reddy), PC Year 17, South Africa, South Africa

Heeten Kalan, PC Year 13, South Africa, USA

Tony Njoroge PC Year 13, Kenya, Canada

Martha Leah Nangalama (Nangi), PC Year 14, Uganda, Canada


Please join us. In your own way. You do not have had to go to a UWC school to start something for your village or district. START FROM WHERE YOU STAND. And if you should choose to help our youths become the future leaders, contact us. We will be willing partners. Africa does not need Fake Pastors and False Prophets. We need us. You and I. Everyone in your circle. The network. Assante sana. MLN

** In our own small ways, we can make waves. We can impact millions of African youths through the power of The Multiplier Effect. Do not worry about feeding one million people. Start by feeding only one.

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