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The anger against Uganda’s first lady is misplaced

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I have seen misplaced anger by Ugandans for now 4 years and counting.

The first lady Janet Kataha Kaguta Museveni has put across some brilliant ideas that we refuse to grasp in our anger just because we are hungry and sick.

Mrs. Museveni told you all to buy Food Flasks to pack hot food and stop sending your children to UPE on hungry bellies.  You refused to buy food flasks with some of you claiming that your families were going hungry and could not afford food.

She told you to grow food for your families and you claimed that you could not grow food because your lands had been grabbed at gunpoint.  But then why did you not fight for your land?

She told you that schools must stop forcing kids to be in classrooms by 6:00AM which is the global standard to get little monsters to learn and become Einsters or Bill Gates.  Then some of you claimed that private schools enforce hours so why do you not just pull out your kids and put them in the nice schools?

She told you that schools will continue to be demolished and some of you asked what would happen to the kids of some 1500 demolished schools?  But did you ask when Kololo PS was being demolished to create room for Sudhir?  I bet you did not think it would come to your village school?  So go ahead and put your daughters in St. Mary’s Namagunga like she did with Natasha Museveni and I did with Natasha Lefranc.

She told you to not endanger your kids on boda bodas which are well known for shooting high profile government officials to death so imagine what they would do with your little kids..damn criminals?  She advised you to buy cars and you still refuse to buy cars claiming that your cooperatives were killed and you planted oranges and uprooted coffee and of course oranges and mangada are more transportable for export than good old coffee.

She told you to walk your children to school if you cannot afford a car.  On this one she is justified because if you cannot afford a car, at least ignore the boda bodas and use Uganda Transportation Corporation (UTC) buses.  I am yet to get the exact location of their head office though.

The First lady told Karamoja to stop wasting resources and sending their kids to Kampala to be beggars on the streets and mules sighting the fact that if you had used your own minerals, you would not be reduced to beggar status.  We also know that you had guns to protect your land but you handed over your guns to some imposters and had your cattle ferried in helicopters to Isingiro which by the way has people and cattle dying daily as they export pineapples because that tribe is far too proud to eat their own vegetables and fruits and dare not eat their cows so here you go!  Plant GMO maize and matooke and do not say you were not told!

The most recent attack on the First Lady is likely to the fact that someone said that her vagina is too small and she cannot push out twins. OMG. Shitting out one kid is enough pain so why challenge the Mother of the Nation to push out 2 bambinos at the same time?  Only strong women can push out twins.

Nange kanyumidde.  Please leave our First Lady in her peace.  If you do not like what she says, then go eat cake.  Tuli bakoowu!

In case you did not know, people in Karamoja are dying of hunger daily. Ask anyone in Kaboong. Let me drive my Bullet Proof SUV to go get the girls from their game and then write another story of how our arrogance is killing Uganda and not realising that 95% of Ugandans cannot even afford an SUV so in our arrogance, we think everyone is okay!  Wakyili there are CCTV cameras all over the place and even this message is being read. Hot damn! The stupid phone just went off line saying the SIM Card is not registered.  Let me go get hold of that muyaye who sold it to me.  She says her shack was demolished.  Naye agenda okulaba nti her problems are not mine.

Martha Leah Nangalama is attending the #AprilRevolution

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