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AFRICA: How to survive bullets & teargad in The Great Lakes

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Kasese Massacre Nov. 26, 27 in 2016. Photo shows Uganda army burying victims in mass graves.  Victims who were civilians with no weapons but were slaughted by the security forces


As a Monitor Correspondent, I was involved in running battles with Kasese politicians. But I always know my way with the  soldiery.

So, I “bullied” Lt. Col. Muheesi to allow me be embedded with his combat units. He agreed after some huggle.

My first assignment as an embedded journalist was with the small group that went to collect Dr. Crispus Kiyonga’s mother from an area under the control of ADF.

On the way, we were attacked by the enemy. The minister panicked and attempted to get out of the pick up truck. His soliders grabbed him put him back into his seat. A bullet grazed my buttocks (I guess if I was as endowed as Ms C. Kusasira, the bullet would have drawn some blood from my but).

All the same, we managed to rescue Jajja Evanis Mbambu (Kiyonga’s mother) and her staff and stuff.

The second time, I joined a Mwana Mwana unit going for an offensive. We came under attack and a soldier in front of me was shot and died instantly (very uncommon). I quickly picked the dead soldier’s gun and “used it”.

The unit commander was NOT amazed by my actions at all; though I personally think I am the one who saved the day. He reported the incident of “my stupidity” to Lt. Col. Muheesi.

Some questioning and Muheesi found out that I had a Rwandan passport (and therefore I a Rwandan citizen). He called Kigali (Uganda and Kigali were still friends) and they said I was not a bad guy (but they could not vouch for me as a good guy). The Monitor boss too said I was OK.

Then a scandal happened. Gen. “Above” in Kampala got information that 1) a Congolese registered Mercedes Benz truck was cut into spares and its cargo sold by soldiers and 2) breaking-in of shops in Bwera Town.

The soldiers thought I was the weak link and I was officially suspected as the one leaking information to Kampala. I conteplated going back to Kigali… But Muheesi was nice to me. I stayed.

One day, Muheesi’s driver and I went out “on the town” with the white numberless Land Cruiser pick up.

From Kasese Airfield, we did a short cut via Acholi Quarters and joined Alexander Road so he could drop me at Kaghesera Hotel (my personal Tactical HQ) and he continuing to UPDF’s Officers Mess.

As we approached Kaghesera Hotel, the driver lost control of the vehicle and it hit Bakoko’s House. Maan…!? I survived with minor injuries but the driver was in bad shape. He was hospitalised.

I feigned bad injuries and was also hospitalised. The next day, I escaped from the hospital and returned to Rwanda.

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