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Being an Admin for a social media group comes with responsibility

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This one is intended for Ugandans who are Admins of Facebook and WhatsApp groups.  These are the 2 most used social platforms for Uganda.

Please ensure that the name of the group reflects the mission of the group.  Never make yourself as the only Admin.  What if you got hit by the bus?

Have 3 to 5 Admins for your group.  Reject blatant lies and personal attacks. This one is dear to me because one day I woke up to find out that I was a man living in Bukoto (no idea where it even is) gay and paid by gay Americans to recruit Ugandan youth into gay.  Not only that, the post also said I am a spy working for President Yoweri Museveni.  I contacted the Admin and told him to take that post down and told him to use Google.  He did not.  Because trash attracts flies.

Then plagiarism.  I complained to one board that one of their Admins was plagiarising work from others including me and must stop.  Got no positive response.  So I walked off that board too.

We then have blatant abuses. Someone posts something and before the person reads it, they comment yamazzi. Even have no idea what they mean.

Or we have the ones who never contribute but will attack contributors.

Just because I oppose Museveni does not mean you can call him a fool in any group I Admin.  You will get banned.  You could however write a paragraph of why you feel that way.  A one liner “hi z a ful”  actually gets you blocked for another reason.

Back to Admins.  Please do not allow plagiarism or personal attacks on contributors. I would even go further and say insist on proper grammar in whichever language.  But “tsup dia. I hv sin it”.  A bit stupid.

Martha Leah Nangalama

I would prefer that you write to me in Lumasaba or Luganda instead of “hw r u dia”  OR “hw z da goin?”  May thunder strike you.


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