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When I was at UWC Lester B. Pearson College (Victoria BC, Canada), our school used to bring in speakers from the community of Victoria and Vancouver and sometimes signatories ? famous people including royalty. 

One time, the talk was about Community and how you can be involved in your community. I am sitting here looking at this white guy. He said he was going to talk about Kampala. Now, exactly how can a Muzungu talk to me about Kampala. I come from Uganda buddy. Your speech better really be good.

He was the Director of Street Kids International. His name is Peter Dalglish. You can do a Wiki or Google search on “Street Kids International”.

Never judge a person by their colour.

Mr. Peter Dalglish told us a story I will never forget. One time, on his first trip to Uganda, he was walking up and down the streets of Kampala. He noticed that there were many street kids. He decided to befriend a group of them. In our culture in Uganda (and most of Africa), you offer some type of food to the stranger you want to be friends with and you eat together.

Apparently, Dalglish went to either Nakesero Market or Owino Market and bought oranges. He gave an orange to his first friend. The child peeled the orange and then separated it in the small pieces you know when you want to eat an orange. He then handed a piece to each of his friends. Dalglish asked him “why did you do that? The orange was for you”. The child replied “I cannot eat when my friends are not eating. It may be small but at least we all eat the small instead of one of us going hungry”.

The interesting thing is the gentleman was not in our school asking us to donate or raise money for his organisation and neither was he there to ask our school to give him money. He was there to teach us about life. YOU MUST NOT EAT ALONE. You can never get satisfied no matter how much you eat as long as your neighbour is hungry. SHARE THE LITTLE YOU HAVE GOT NOW. With those around you.


*** Read Wiki on Street Kids International

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