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Open letter to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson @Potus on #Uganda @JustinTrudeau @KagutaMuseveni

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Moncton, Canada


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Hon. Rex Tillerson

US Secretary of State

Washington DC


April 29, 2017

Dear Mr. Rex Tillerson,

Re: Uganda and president Yoweri Museveni, Great Lakes of Africa

I am not contacting you because I am affiliated with Exxonmobil.  You walked away from that company after having been one of the best CEOs on record for the company.

I am writing to you because of my people.  I know Imperial Oil Ltd. and Exxonmobil have this information on file.

I was hired from University of Toronto by Imperial Oil and started with the company on September 1, 1995.  I was seconded to Exxonmobil Business Support Centre Canada in 2003 and became an employee of Exxonmobil in 2004 as if I even had a choice.

In 1997 I went against the norm and had my first born.  I took advantage of the Canada Parental leave of 52 weeks and the company’s 6 weeks plus vacation.

In 1999 Rebecca was talking like a radio.  So I put her in Grace Church Daycare at age 17 months.  She had been in home day care with a wonderful woman and was ready for the factory of kids.

One time rushing through the traffic in Scarborough from Wynford Drive to get to the day care before it closed at 5:30PM and proceeded to charge me $15 per 15 minutes I was late picking up the bambina, I made it in a flash.

Kid gets in the car and says “today we learned about dinosaurs.  TREX is the most dangerous.  Then she drew it up”.   You have no idea what madness parents go through from take kids to day care, drive to work, be present then rush back to pick them up before daycare closes then do homework, feed them, wash them and put them to bed.  The traffic on Don Valley Parkway can be totally nuts.  Then throw in a bit of snow.

From 1995 when I first started working with Imperial Oil, the company now has Flex time.  What a blessing because we were spending so much time stuck on the moving parking lots and by the time one gets to work, one is half burned out.  So I do thank the company for this.

Then of course sick kids.  The company put a policy in place for work from home or use EDOs (Earned Days Off), many days of vacation and then then those days of looking after a family member paid for by the company.  The truth is I cannot praise Imperial Oil or Exxonmobil more than what I just told you.  As I write this, Rebecca is 19 years old and at University of Toronto taking Human Biology in preparation for Medical School.  She is in the Trinity Program.  She is finishing her second year and heading into third year September 2017.  The company pays $5,000 towards her school yearly.  I know the company needs the kids to get grades.  Grades are not a problem for this one.

Natasha who was born at gestation 7 months and my boss did not even know I was pregnant was destined to spend 2 months in Mt. Sinai hospital till she was full term.  I watched parents who had premature kids leave the kids in PICU and return to work because their employers were not accommodating.  I sat right beside mine and instead of 2 months, we got the little alien home in 2 weeks.  This is because I was very confident that the company would support me to stay away from work to care for a premmie.

There is a story behind this.  United States of Africa (USA) has been funding dictator President Yoweri Museveni for 31 years.  He is on record for genocides in Uganda, DRC and South Sudan.  You should also look up his record on the Rwanda Genocide with his buddy President Paul Kagame.

USA has no reason to fund Museveni at all.  He has cost American tax payers a lot of money when Americans need food, shelter, medicare and education.  For the life of me, I do not understand why you keep sending money to Uganda when your own Americans need help?  I have asked PM Justin Trudeau the same thing.  Imagine how many homeless people we have in Canada and USA.

One truth I know is that USA is not in The Great Lakes Region of Africa for minerals or oil.  You can get those elsewhere at half the cost.  But for you to keep funding this regime that costs so much and kills with impunity makes no sense to me.  One day your kids will ask you why you let this happen.  I hope you do the right thing.

There are 2 kids who were kidnapped from California and they are in Uganda.  There is an Interpol alert out for them.  The mother is from Uganda and was arrested and released the same day.  Who even does that in violation of International agreements?  The man who released the kidnapper is the Interpol Director for Uganda.  Did I hear USA protest?  There is something called the Goldman Act which was passed in Congress to cut off all funding to any country which is holding kidnapped American children.  I beg you to look into it.  Congressman Chuck Smith is onto this.

Meanwhile, I am aware that my letter to you will not be well received and I could face repercussions.  I would like to remind you that Exxonmobil trains employees very well such that if I get fired tomorrow, I will still find a way to pay my bills.   Maybe not write away but I will write and take my oil stocks with me.   I have no intentions of shutting up until my people are free.  WAIT a bit.  I actually only hold Canadian citizenship.  Why am I then talking for Uganda?  I was born there.   My people deserve better.  They are hungry, sick and impoverished.  You can make a good decision to help my people.  I will die for my people.  Some causes are worth dying for.

Martha Leah Nangalama, Moncton, Canada

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