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Wednesday, March 14th, 2018


US GUNS: Northwestern University under lockdown, HOAX

UPDATE: 18:30 AST Report of gunman at Northwestern University was a hoax, police say   EVANSTON, Ill. — Police said the report of a gunman at Northwestern University was a hoax and “swatting incident.” Police said they found no evidence after reports of shots fired on the campus. Around 2:17 p.m. on Wednesday, police said they got a call from an individual claiming to have shot his girlfriend in the area of Emerson Street and Maple Avenue. An emergency notification about was sent out to staff and students at 2:40Read More

RUSSIA MEDDLING: Mueller asks to interview Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — The special counsel’s office wants to talk to Donald Trump about the firings of James Comey and Michael Flynn, but as the president’s lawyers negotiate the terms and scope of a possible interview, they’re left with no easy options. Balking at an interview, even a narrowly tailored one focused on obstruction of justice questions, risks perpetuating the perception that Trump has something to hide. But agreeing to discuss those matters with Robert Mueller’s team is risky for Trump, whose statements can be unpredictable and inconsistent. Weeks ofRead More

UGANDA: Crane Bank, DFCU theft agreement PICTURES

BoU mother of scandals: How Crane Bank was sold, sale agreement finally leaks Mar 14, 2018 By Uganda Watchdog. BoU mother of scandals: How Crane Bank was sold, sale agreement finally leaks Who stole Crane Bank? At what cost did the thief sell it to Dfcu Bank? These are some of the questions that have troubled analysts after Bank of Uganda took over the former third biggest bank in the country, however, some behind the scenes fraudulent acts have finally come to light. A leaked agreement between Bank of UgandaRead More

UGANDA: UCC evaluation of Telecom giant MTN for contract renewal

As most Ugandans are now aware, the contract for the biggest phone company in Uganda, MTN, is up for renewal soon.  Here is a document that is only 29 pages that we have received from UCC which would be a good idea for Ugandans to browse through. The PDF document has been conveniently uploaded on the Internet to make it easier for you to read and search through. Of course the contract is going to get renewed but it does not hurt to pretend that we have any influence onRead More

EDUCATION: Obama Foundation African leaders call for application

The Obama Foundation seeks to identify a group of emerging African leaders from all sectors — government, civil society, and the private sector — who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the common good. The objective of the program is to build a growing network of innovative and ethical change makers, who seek to drive positive change in their communities. Successful candidates will have a demonstrated potential for impact, a clear commitment to integrity, and a commitment to stay engaged with the Obama Foundation throughout the year and beyond. WeRead More

UGANDA: Why Crane Bank purchase is ticking time bomb for DFCU, BoU

Why the purchase of former crane bank assets and assumption of its liabilities is a time bomb to DFCU bank and the Bank of Uganda. The contemptibly fraudulent process to desecrate Uganda’s only traditional glorious commercial bank, Crane bank, was finally concluded in January 2017.A chain unprofessional elites in Bank of Uganda and some lawyers/liars saw this institution donated to DFCU bank at questionable credit of an incendiary 200 billion Uganda shillings, payable in installments till 2020.Veteran journalist, Andrew Mwenda puts it more aptly that, Crane bank was sold toRead More

UGANDA: Another foreigner nearly dies in Uganda

Supposedly, an Emirates air hostess jumps off plane at Entebbe airport A young woman working with Emirates flight – EK 730 on Wednesday tried to kill herself by jumping out of the plane at Entebbe airport. According to reports, aircraft was due to depart Entebbe airport when she opened an emergency exit door and jumped out of a plane. The plane was headed to Dubai. She has been rushed to hospital with severe injuries. Police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima, said the incident happened at around 2:30 pm. He said the airRead More

HAWKINGS: The obituary

BBC – Stephen Hawking – who died aged 76 – battled motor neurone disease to become one of the most respected and best-known scientists of his age. A man of great humour, he became a popular ambassador for science and was always careful to ensure that the general public had ready access to his work. His book A Brief History of Time became an unlikely best-seller although it is unclear how many people actually managed to get to the end of it. Image copyright AFP   He appeared in a numberRead More

UGANDA: Another foreigner found dead in hotel

UPDATED: 13:00 AST Eritrean hangs himself in Mbarara guesthouse @UG_EDGE – An Eritrean national has committed suicide in a guest house in Mbarara town. Moussi Woldehaimanox, the deceased was found hanging on a rope in one of the windows at Sunshine guest house. According to police, the deceased was carrying a Swedish passport. He was discovered at around 11:00am on Wednesday morning. The deceased left a note in the room apologising to the lodge managers. He said a colleague would come from Kansanga in Kampala to collect his belongings. The bodyRead More

RUSSIA: UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats over nerve agent poisoning

DEUTSCHE WELLE – British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday said the UK would expel 23 Russian diplomats identified as “undeclared intelligence officers” after Russia failed to provide an explanation that could suggest they lost control of “their nerve agent.” May said the 23 diplomats who had been identified would be expelled under the Vienna Convention and had one week to leave the country. May addressed parliament on Wednesday after chairing a national security meeting called in response to British military lab findings that a variant of the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok wasRead More