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Sunday, February 25th, 2018


UGANDA: Bobi Wine Robert Kyagulanyi for Uganda president

I am sharing the following as received from Uganda.  I hate to burst your bubble. Kyagulanyi will never be president of Uganda.  You only have to read the barometer. As much as the 30 million unemployed youth are for him and for his presidency (me too, actually, but I am more practical), Bobi’s biggest strength for Uganda will be to awaken the masses for them to take over the reigns of leadership of SHITHOLE Boda Boda Banana Republic. If you have any doubts of why Bobi will never be president,Read More

UGANDA: Entire village in Napak gets burnt to ashes, appeal for assistance

This is the second post about this village which burned down. The original appeal was published on February, 14, 2018 and here is the link to that story. Ugandans must understand that there is no Minister of Disaster in Uganda.  If you did not learn from the Bududa and Sironko landslides, you will learn when a disaster hits your village. The Karamoja Parliament Team has been trying to raise some funds to help the dispossessed families, to house them, house them and feed them but we are having a hardRead More

WORDS: Merriam-Webster word of the day AD HOC

ad hoc adjective | AD-HOCK Definition 1 a : concerned with a particular end or purpose b : formed or used for specific or immediate problems or needs 2 :  fashioned from whatever is immediately available : improvised Did You Know? In Latin, ad hoc literally means “for this.” That historical meaning is clearly reflected in contemporary English uses of ad hoc—anything that is ad hoc can be thought of as existing “for this purpose only.” For example, an “ad hoc committee” is generally authorized to look into a single matter of limited scope, notRead More

ISRAEL: Netanyahu to be interrogated by detectives this week

SPUTNIK – Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu has recently found himself in deep water for two reasons at least – first, following the probe launched into two presumed corruption cases. And then, when the situation gained momentum after people took to Tel Aviv streets calling for the PM’s resignation. Benjamin Netanyahu is set to be questioned by the police this week as part of their investigation into two separate breach of trust cases. The first one, the so-called submarine affair, codenamed Case 3000, has to do with allegations of bribes, whichRead More

VENTURE FUNDING AFRICA: Startup funding jumped more than 50% in Africa last year

QUARTZ – With African tech hubs, startups and founders starting to mature and gain deeper understanding of local markets after a few years of heady hype that was more about potential than substance, investors increasingly look towards the continent. Partech Ventures’ latest annual funding report shows that venture capital funding in 2017 reached $560 million, recording 53% year on year growth. The scale of growth in funding is seen in the number of investment rounds participated in by startups: in 2017, 124 startups participated in 128 funding rounds compared to 77Read More

AGRICULTURE: Africa super grain, better than quinoa?

A Chef’s Dream to Restore an Ancient West African Grain Pierre Thiam, an American chef from Senegal, still remembers how when he was growing up in Dakar, some families in the countryside sent their children off to school with a little fonio tucked into their bags for luck. An ancient, sandy-colored grain, fonio was cultivated for thousands of years across West Africa and still is. Thiam remembers eating the grain too, though it wasn’t really prized, at least not in the way it used to be. Standing barefoot in aRead More

UGANDA: Tanga humiliates Kasule infront of other NRM thugs

KAMPALA (@UG_EDGE) – Barnabas Bashabe, the LC 1 chairman Kiwanguzi village in Kiboga district has asked President Museveni to prevail over feuding ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] electoral commission chairman Tanga Odoi and Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba. He says the unfortunate statements that dominated the media last week are discrediting the party. The statements made by Tanga who reduced Lumumba to a mere dancer attracted enough ire from NRM leaders who are now calling for his replacement. Tanga worsened matters on Sunday when refused to greet or hug LumumbaRead More

UGANDA: Internal Security Organisation rejects Police Chief Kayihura ban on information sharing

KAMPALA (DAILY MONITOR) – The Internal Security Organisation (ISO) director general has dismissed as ‘laughable’ police chief Kale Kayihura’s directive banning police officers from sharing information with sister security agencies. In an internal memo issued on Wednesday, Gen Kayihura threatened to prosecute any police officer who gives information to any other security agency without his authorisation. Gen Kayihura said he had established that some police officers were sharing information with other security agencies without authorisation and this contravenes the police code of conduct and secrecy laws. But ISO chief Col FrankRead More

RUSSIA: Over 4,000 evacuated from Moscow mall over fake bomb threat

Over 4,000 Evacuated From Mall Near Moscow’s Kremlin Due to Fake Bomb Threat © Sputnik/ Aleksandr Gal’perin Over 4,000 Evacuated From Mall Near Moscow’s Kremlin Due to Fake Bomb Threat SPUTNIK – In autumn 2017, amid a wave of fake bomb calls, some of which were placed by foreigners associated with the terrorist group Daesh, a total of over 960,000 people were evacuated in Russia. Russian law enforcement officers did not find any explosives at the Okhotny Ryad shopping mall in central Moscow after a bomb call on Sunday, a sourceRead More

SAUDI ARABIA to allow women to join armed forces

RT – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will now allow women to apply for military service in a historic move. The decision comes as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 social program launched by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Women in governorates including Riyadh, Makkah, al-Qusaim, and al Madina can apply for the rank of soldier, Saudi’s General Security division announced in a statement Sunday. Prince Mohammad launched the Vision 2030 initiative to wean the country off its major dependence on oil revenues while also diversifying its economy, which includes expandingRead More