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Sunday, February 18th, 2018


TANZANIA: Magufuli security organs shoot dead student

The situation is East Africa is not good and democracy is now a sham. There’s too much use of force by the regimes in power and all institutions of democracy are being destroyed daily. This past week has been campaigns for a re-election in one of the Dar-es-salaam constituencies within Kinondoni District and yesterday (February 17, 2018). Because the ruling party, CCM, was afraid of losing the constituency as it was most likely to be taken by the opposition party CHADEMA,  the leading party (CCM) decided to use coercive apparatusRead More

ZUMA: Fall from grace reminiscent of House of Cards

For nearly two weeks, South Africans watched out for any clues that would tell them just who was in charge of their country. They watched as motorcades of luxury cars and blue-light security vehicles darted between official homes. They eagerly WhatsApped each other leaks from closed-door meetings of the ANC. Press briefings and public statements were cloaked in double-speak that were clearly meant for other politicians, not the people. And the people responded in hilarious memes. This was how South Africa’s new president Cyril Ramaphosa came to be chosen—back door dealingsRead More

ZUMA: South Africa shamed Nigeria yet again, other countries too

BY SAM AJAYI Jacob Zuma, the embattled President of South Africa, has resigned. But that is not the news. I carefully followed the events that led to Jacob Zuma’s exit and the whole thing lasted less than FIVE days. Again, that is not  news. But note these: * In the build-up to Zuma’s exit, no one played the ETHNIC card. His place of birth in South Africa did NOT matter. * Again, RELIGION was not an issue. Nobody even remembered he bore a Christian name. * The party was moreRead More

PARENTING: Key to raising a happy child

Chris Kindred (NPR) To raise fully functional kids, one author says, parents should keep the helicopter grounded Overscheduling, testing pressures — being a young person today can be intense. The authors of the new book The Self-Driven Child say one way to ease that burden is to make sure your children feel a sense of control over their lives. Kids want to do well, says neuropsychologist Bill Stixrud, so let them come to you for help and advice instead of trying to micromanage them into the Ivy League. For muchRead More

WORDS: Merriam-Webster word of the day PANEGYRIC

panegyric noun | pan-uh-JEER-ik Definition a eulogistic oration or writing; also : formal or elaborate praise Did You Know? On certain fixed dates throughout the year, the ancient Greeks would come together for religious meetings. Such gatherings could range from hometown affairs to great national assemblies, but large or small, the meeting was called a panēgyris. That name comes from pan, meaning “all,” and agyris, meaning “assembly.” At those assemblies, speakers provided the main entertainment, and they delivered glowing orations extolling the praises of present civic leaders and reliving the past gloriesRead More

UGANDA: regime ruling party NRM director survives deadly motor accident

KAMPALA (URN, THE OBSERVER) –  National Resistance Movement director of finance and administration Dr Hassan Wasswa Galiwango has survived a motor accident along the Kampala-Jinja highway.The accident occurred this afternoon  The accident occurred this Sunday afternoon at Magamaga when a truck rammed into Galiwango’s official vehicle registration number RM 27008. “A lorry rammed into our vehicle as u can see from behind. But the driver and i are safe,” posted Galiwango on one of the NRM social media groups. It is unclear whether the driver of the truck survived theRead More

UGANDA: How to be a mini bus conductor in Kampala

MY DAYS A. Qassim Omar There are three places I don’t want to sit in on a bus/ taxi. One: The place near a woman holding a baby who won’t stop looking at my mchomo with begging eyes. Such kids are a nuisance. You’ll succumb to her pressure. Give her the meat to keep her occupied-then she’ll swallow it and beg for more. Two: Near a lady with a pair of beautiful brown thighs in a mini-skirt. Because why? It’s the only time my eyes totally refuse to cooperate withRead More

AGRICULTURE: Drought-tolerant maize offers Uganda farmers a lifeline

Farmers who have watched entire fields of corn wither in recent droughts are starting to experiment with new strains designed to endure the stress of prolonged dry seasons. Christopher Bendana – The Christian Science Monitor. KAMPALA and KABENDE As a corn farmer in Kabende, Uganda, she knows what it’s like to see her income dry up alongside her crops. But the last few years have been different, she says, thanks to a new variety of drought-tolerant corn known as bazooka. Today, despite drawn-out spells of drought that have claimed her neighbors’Read More

RDC: Bukavu, accrochage entre bandits et policiers en plein bouclage

The English version follows the French one. RADIO OKAPI – Des coups de feu ont été échangés entre des policiers et des criminels durant la nuit de samedi à ce dimanche 18 février dans la commune de kadutu à Bukavu (Sud-Kivu). Cet accrochage est survenu à la suite d’une tentative de cambriolage dans une maison, découverte par les voisins qui ont alerté la police, en pleine opération de bouclage dans le quartier. Les unités déployées sur place ont alors échangé des coups de feu durant plusieurs minutes avec les assaillantsRead More

AGRICULTURE: Uganda seeks to balance hope and fear in GMO debate

After publicly supporting a bill that would have legalized genetically modified crops, Uganda’s president is now calling for additional measures to address anti-GMO activists’ concerns. Christopher Bendana – The Christian Science MonitorFEBRUARY 16, 2018 KAMPALA, UGANDA—Scientists in Uganda had hoped it was the dawn of a new era in food security for a drought-prone region. In October, Uganda’s legislature moved to lift a ban on genetically modified crops, a move that stoked both hopes and fears in a fiercely divided populace. Where proponents saw opportunity to lift a region outRead More