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Saturday, January 27th, 2018


Media: Canada govt prepares to bail out print media

THE CANADIAN PRESS/LARS HAGBERG Newspapers for sale at a convenience store in Kingston, Ont., on May 25, 2016. All signs point to print media getting a much-needed financial assist from the federal government in the next budget. OTTAWA (HUFFINGTON POST, AN ALL ONLINE NEWS SERVICE) — The federal government is signalling that the country’s newspaper industry is set to get financial help, with the minister in charge of the file vowing of measures in this year’s budget and officials ready to meet with publishers to talk details. The exact valueRead More

Bombardier: US International Trade Commission rules favouring Bombardier in Boeing dispute

HUFFINGTON POST – U.S. International Trade Commission Rules In Favour Of Bombardier In Boeing Dispute. That was unexpected. MONTREAL — The skies over the world’s largest aerospace market have opened to Bombardier’s C Series aircraft after it won a resounding victory Friday against Boeing Co. U.S. International Trade Commissioners voted 4-0 that Boeing didn’t suffer harm from prospective imports of C Series planes. Boeing launched the trade case last April, arguing that governments in Canada and Britain subsidized the plane’s development and allowed Bombardier to sell it at unfairly low prices.Read More

DRCongo: Behind involvement of Congolese in Museveni regime top political crimes

BEHIND THE INVOLVEMENT OF CONGOLESE IN THE MUSEVENI REGIME’S TOP POLITICAL CRIMES Ugandans are yet to recover from the shock of a recent heinous crime in which an Accountant of Case Clinic was killed and his body burnt beyond recognition.  This was after he had been kidnapped, his car and his Ug shs. 15M cash robbed.  The Military intelligence led criminal investigations have linked the murder to members of one of Museveni militant groups, Boda Boda 2010.  The victim’s car was also recovered from a residential house occupied by threeRead More

Uganda Land Grabbing: Museveni dupes West Nile with a fake directive on eviction of Balalo

MUSEVENI DUPES WEST NILE WITH A FAKE DIRECTIVE ON EVICTION OF BALALO CHANGE OF GUARDS – Uganda’s military dictator has issued a directive to all RDCs in the West Nile region to oversee the expulsion of pastoralists commonly known as Balalo from the region by mid March 2018. During late last year, as Museveni was touring the region in his land grabbing campaign, locals overwhelmingly asked him to prevail over the influx of Balalo. Like in their (Balalo) new-found lands in northern Uganda, West Nile has also bee grappling withRead More

Oil report for January 26, 2018

OILPRICE.COM – Oil prices rose this week on the back of a weakening dollar – thanks to comments from the U.S. Treasury Secretary supporting a weaker greenback – and ongoing declines in U.S. inventories. Saudi oil minister accuses IEA of overhyping shale. Saudi oil minister Khalid al-Falih made headlines on Thursday when he said at the World Economic Forum that the IEA had an “oversized focus” on U.S. shale growth. He implied that the IEA was hyping the threat of U.S. shale. “I was not disputing the amazing revolution of shale . . .[but] in theRead More