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CANADA: Some information you might not knowParliament Hill Ottawa

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Canada’s Parliament, Ottawa

I wrote this in 2016 for Uganda. I need to update some information. For now, we will just deal with a 2yr old write up.

Today’s incident where we have lost 9 lives is based in our commercial capital Toronto.

Apparently some 75% of all of Canada money is within 100km radius of Toronto. Debatable since Calgary and Vancouver have a lot of money.

Canada’s main stock exchange, the TSE is in Toronto. Also called the TSX.

We have small exchanges in Montreal and Vancouver. Venture exchanges. However, the S&P is the TSX.

Hitting Toronto is hitting our version of Wall Street (ours is Bay Street).

Thursday, April 21, 2016


This is a long article but it will help the readers in Uganda know a bit more about Canada before demanding that people in the diaspora must return home to fight for freedom.

I do not write about Canada to compare it to Uganda.  Rather, I write about Canada so that the Ugandans who keep attacking people in the diaspora can understand why many of us are not jumping on the band wagon to fly back home and build the country.

1) In Canada, kids start school in year they turn 4yrs and this is usually for junior kindergarten. Then they move to senior kindergarten.  They join grade 1 (P1) in the year they turn 6.

2) Education in Canada is fully paid by the government (tax payers) from Kindergarten through high school (read S6).  It is only for university or community colleges that kids have to pay.

3) The percentage of private or boarding schools is very minimal.  Those schools still have to use the public education system which has been emulated in Asia and some other countries.

4) In the province of New Brunswick where we live, religion is not allowed in schools.  This is how our family ended up putting one kid in an independent school (Moncton Christian Academy).  That school happens to have many international students and their tuition is minimal compared to other private schools.  A private school in Canada costs around $15,000 per academic year.  MCA costs just under $5,000 per academic year.  Sure, there are other expenses too.
5) Kids going to university and technical colleges here have access to student loans which are payable over 9yrs (might be longer, I need to check) but the interest is very minimal and the banks which run these programs know they are getting future customers.

6) Many banks show up in frosh week (first week of year one in University) and give the kids credit cards of outrageous amounts but most stick to $500.  Future customers.

7) Most universities have online applications and online payments for tuition and other fees.

8) It is a law in Canada that all university and college students have to purchase medical insurance.  Many of the kids have parents who belong to group insurance plans with big companies so they can forfeit this.  The thing about this is International students who do not have medical care while at school here needed the universities and colleges to institute medical care.  Hence it is the same cost for every kid, Canadian or international.

9) Generally medical care is covered all across Canada.  Hence why universities which make a lot of money from International students have to ensure the same access to medical care for all the students.

10) The cost for university and community college students to enrol in their school plans sits at $250 – $300 whether you are Canadian or not.

11) The hospitals, clinics and doctors treat you then bill you later.  If you do not have a health care card from one of the provinces, they are still required to treat you then ask to be paid later.  Hence why tourism works for Canada.

12) Organ transplants are on a need by basis.  So is surgery.  So is everything else that is crucial.  No one gets put aside just because they do not know someone someone.  The driver licenses have a part where you can indicate if you want your organs donated should you die suddenly.  So there is no charge for organ transplantation as long as the doctors identify that you are high profile (read dying if you do not receive the organ).

13) The Canadian blood bank collects blood and other blood products from all across the country.  All products are free.  No one gets paid to give blood or blood products.  I have written about my personal story.  One time in Saint John Regional Hospital, they were down to only one treatment for me (20-30 units from 20-30 donors) and there was no more plasma left in New Brunswick.  The hospital contacted the government and had products flown in from the province of Quebec that same night.  Guess who paid for the helicop that flew the units in!  The government, meaning the tax payers.  My colleagues at work embarked on something along those lines of give blood, no matter what, give.  It could save someone.

14) Our emergency line is 911.  It can ring for fire, sickness, ambulance, etc..  The receiver of the call usually stays online talking to the caller while dispatching the police, ambulance or fire brigade to the location of the call.  This is if you have registered you phone with them (mobile phones are required to give location) but there is also triangulation.  Has given some cities some grief because we teach our kids at a very tender age to always call 911 in case of emergency.  Some try it out for fun.  But to counter that, the police and fire department visit most every school and teach kids about matches, fires and 911.

15) Canada’s average unemployment rate is currently 7.1% (graduates and otherwise).  Uganda’s unemployment rate sits at 83-95% among graduates.  Far too many graduates in Uganda.

16) Canadians with basic education of level primary school can read and write proficiently.  Ugandans with university degrees read horribly and can barely write.  This is a big factor that can affect employment.

17) Canada has never flown Air Canada to Uganda to steal resources (what happened to Uganda airlines anyway?).  So the Ugandans who think that Canada wants to steal their oil need to know that next to Saudi Arabia, Canada has the biggest oil reserves in the world.

18) It is a fact that USA, UK and EU determine what Uganda gets.  Which determines employment, education and medical care.  Watch for the other silent partners.  Canada may not be in your daily news but they do a lot of work in Uganda.

Information you may not have known.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Whatsapp +15068716371

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