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CANADA: Harvested more fiddle heads

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Farming is too much hard work.  Last week when Becky was home, her and I went into the forest to pick fiddle heads.  Which was not so bad because we got fresh air.
Fiddle heads (FERNS) only last about 3 weeks.  Our forest is full of them so one has to harvest every 2-3 days.
Today was a bit hard.  My back hurts badly.  Becky flew back to Toronto and of course Tasha will not do any of those things “why do you just not buy them in the store?”
I sent an SMS to my sister “I am going into the forest”.  She half died laughing.  Not because I cannot harvest food but because she was like “and who is gonna make you walk and bend to pick them up?”
Two kilos now all being blanched for supper and future meals of fiddle heads with Atlantic Salmon with Hollandaise sauce, I can tell my sister “I am no wimp.  I harvested organic fiddle heads”.
Scoudouc is so small (village on outskirts of Moncton) that most all families grow food, raise animals and live on nature.  This is something that has sometimes surprised my family and friends in Uganda when I say “gotta dig. Gotta weed garden. Gotta cut grass”.  
There is something about Uganda very different from Canada (Not different than).  Here, we have no farm boys, no shamba boys. No drivers.  No cooks.  No nannies.  No maids.  Basically, none of those luxuries Ugandans grow up with.  You want to grow a garden, you do all the work.  You clean your house.  You cook your food.  You cut the grass.  You drive your kids to school and to all sports, dance, music, painting classes.  It is an eye opener.  You think twice before having 8 kids.
Back to harvesting food from the forest.  The fresh air after 6mths inside in winter is great.  We get only about 3mths of hot weather.  The other 2 months said to be hot are lukewarm and you need a jacket to go to the beach.
The other thing is when we plant food, we really have only 3mths.  Maximum is 4mths for plants which can stomach a bit of frost at night.  We do not plant till June. Then in September, we must harvest.  Latest is October.
When you have only about 4mths in a year to grow food, you do not have a choice but to be creative.  Most everyone in our village will be planting next week and harvesting last week of September or latest in October.
Meanwhile, a country like Uganda which has average temperature of 25 degrees celcius all year round cannot feed their people.  You could grow food all year round. You could even harvest rain water now for the dry season. But try to tell Ugandans to harvest rain water and some will say “you have been away from Uganda for too long”.  Which is not far from truth.  However, if I were to do farming in Uganda, it would be rain, dry, all year round.  Ugandans are much too spoilt to think outside the box.  AND then many complain about how China and India come into Uganda and do business.  It is because China and India do not take anything for granted the way Ugandans do.  One day you will learn why ASIA is the Tiger. 
Martha Leah Nangalama
Tired Farmer

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