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Another youth dies from gunshot by police

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RIP Robert Muhumuza.

In your honour, the rest of the Ugandan population shall soldier on TILL VICTORY COME.

The bullet from the gun of a Museveni terrorist gang-member has claimed the life another Ugandan child.

The other young victim of Museveni’s Life-Presidency murder mission in Rukungiri, our Late Comrade Edson Nasasira, has just been buried, but, already, Museveni and his terror gangs must be celebrating the demise of another innocent soul.

Museveni and his terror gangs are also celebrating the illegal detention of the leaders of People’s Revolutionary Struggle, who have been languishing behind bars since the Rukungiri barbarism.

Dictator Museveni and his terror gangs have blood of innocent Ugandan citizens on their hands, and come the People’s Victory, they will have to answer for their barbaric acts. They will also answer for the continued nationwide repression and the subjugation of an entire nation, which has brought such untold pain and suffering to a peace-loving Ugandan populace.

It is unforgivable for Museveni to so callously and heartlessly sacrifice the lives of our children and their parents merely so he can extend and shape his dictatorial family-based rule into a Life Presidency.

Mr. Yoweri Museveni, make no mistake, you have managed to force your corrupt and brutal rule on the Ugandan nation for over 30 years now, but, this time round, no amount of state violence and terrorism, no amount of coercion, bribery or political charlatanism will stop this FINAL PHASE OF THE PEOPLE’S REVOLUTION FROM DELIVERING EVERLASTING VICTORY.

RIP Robert Muhumuza

RIP Edson Nasasira

RIP all the modern-day Ugandan martyrs, who have perished at the hands the abhorrent and despicable Museveni dictatorship.

In your honour, the rest of the Ugandan population shall soldier on TILL VICTORY COME.

The Struggle Continues!


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