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African leaders to blame for current slave trade

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Immigration is as old as humanity itself and we should blame the self promoting leaders in Africa who claim to be God sent.

Africans and others in less developed countries around the globe do immigrate in search of a better life and this so true in animal kingdoms.

Many people left their countries seeking for better opportunities somewhere else. Italians, British, Germans, etc all immigrated to USA but those countries realized that they needed to invest in their respective countries in order to prevent brain-drain.

That’s why you see today the British, Germans, Italians etc stay in their countries but Africa has yet to realize this.

We need to force those in power to stop investing in themselves and their families and create true political stability.

The leaders praise individuals for ushering in peace and so called prosperity, things which do not last.

Individual peace ushered in by one individual who refuses to leave the stage vanishes once he leaves the stage.

We then start blaming or pointing an accusatory finger at someone else like in the case of Libya where we blame the Americans and Europeans for removing Gaddafi when he had peace in Libya.

Gaddafi had over 42 years to pass on power peacefully and because of his refusal, Libyans took to the streets to reciprocate what was happening in Egypt, because they needed change no matter what they had.

Those who are praising Museveni today, will not be there when he is forced out of power.

Robert Mugabe had fake millions of supporters but he knew the reality when it was too late.

Nathan Span

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